School Age Equipment and Supplies
(Kindergarten through 12 years)
One Form per Classroom
Program Name: Address, City, State, Zip: License Number: Room Capacity:
To complete this form, please refer to Minnesota Rules, part 9503.0060, to determine the description and numbers of equipment
required for this age group. Equipment must be age appropriate and address any special needs of children served. The center must
have enough equipment for the number of children for which the center is licensed. If equipment is rotated among groups of children,
there must be enough to serve the maximum group size of the age group using the equipment and the rotation must be shown on the
daily schedule in the child care program plan. Equipment must be in good repair and accessible for use by the children during hours of
operation each day. Accessible means that the equipment is stored in a location where children themselves are able to reach and use
the equipment.
# Req.
Area rug or carpeting-1 per group
Wall or bulletin board display space-2 square feet
per child
Non-folding child size chairs-1 per child
Partially enclosed quiet activity space-1 per group
Open shelving-1 linear ft. per child
Tables-20 linear inches per child
Interest Areas
A child care center operating more than three hours a day must
provide children with daily access to all interest areas. A center
operating for less than three hours a day, operating exclusively as
a drop-in center, or a center serving school-age children only must
provide access to large muscle activities and at least ve of the
required interest areas.
Creative arts and crafts
Dramatic play
Fine motor activities
Large muscle activities*
Sensory stimulation activities
Books-2 per child
Supplies: Adequate Amount
The following should be available in an adequate supply:
Clay or playdough, tempera or ngerpaints, white or
colored paper, paste, collage materials, paint brushes, felt
type marker, crayons and scissors
Single service towels
Facial tissues
Liquid hand soap
Dramatic play equipment or Montessori Practical
Life area -3 sets per group
DHS Use Only:
Materials and accessories for dramatic play
Music source and music selections-1 per group
Musical or rhythm instruments-5 per group
Durable outdoor large muscle equipment-3 per
Interest areas are physically dened and observable areas within
the classroom that are supplied with the equipment and materials
needed to carry out the activities specied for each area. Children
must be provided daily access to interest areas according to the
center’s child care program plan. Daily access to interest areas
means children have access to the equipment and materials within
the interest area. It is not considered to meet the requirement if all
equipment and materials are stored out of reach of children and
only brought out for a brief period of time.
Pictures (at child’s level)
Cognitive developmental equipment (e.g. puzzels
or games, etc.)-1 set per child
Manipulative toys-5 sets per group
Sports/recreation equipment-10 per group
Program Equipment and Materials
Large Muscle Play
Dramatic Play
Arts and Craft Supplies
Clear Form