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Private Sewer Lateral Cleanout Grant Program
Program Introduction
The purpose of the Private Sewer Lateral Cleanout Program is to financially assist Property Owners
with the rehabilitation of privately-owned sewer lateral cleanouts within Brevard County. The County
has created the program to encourage Property Owners, through the issuance of a grant of up to
$2,000, to maintain and repair private sewer lateral cleanouts.
A private lateral is the pipe that carries sewage from a private building to the public sewer system.
Property owners are responsible for maintaining their private sewer lateral, including cleanouts and
backflow prevention devices as required. Private laterals include all piping from the cleanout located
near the property structure all the way to the point of connection to the public sewer system which is
typically located in the street or within a County easement. The cleanout portion includes a capped
PVC standpipe which connects to private sewer lateral below ground. Private sewer laterals are the
responsibility of the property owner whether the lateral is on private property or under the public
right-of-way (street).
The Brevard County Save Our Indian River Lagoon Program has an interest in reducing sewer pollution
leaking into the Indian River Lagoon through cracked and aging sewer pipes and cleanouts. The Brevard
County Utility Services Department owns and operates the public system that is within the public
rights-of-way and easements. The private Property Owners own, and are responsible for, the part of
the system that connects the home to the public system.
Impacts to the Lagoon
This Program is designed to assist Property Owners with replacing these leaky or damaged cleanout
pipes or caps in an effort to address the pollution contributions from sewer discharges into the Lagoon.
Underground pipes can leak for a variety of reasons, such as age, soil movement and settlement,
corrosion, strikes from utilities or landscapers, and tree root infiltration. Underground pipes in
beachside communities are particularly susceptible to corrosion due to saltier conditions in the ground
Defective sewer lateral cleanouts can allow rain and groundwater to make its way into the sewer
system. This additional flow must be collected, pumped to the treatment plant, and treated. During
severe wet weather sewage treatment plants can receive millions of gallons of stormwater due to the
infiltration of ground water into private sewer laterals and from rainwater flowing into broken
cleanout caps. In addition to the high cost associated with pumping and treating these high flow rates,
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sewer systems must be designed to handle this additional capacity which also adds to the cost of sewer
service. These high flows can also overtax the system and result in sanitary sewer overflows.
Proper maintenance of private sewer laterals greatly reduces the possibility of line blockages which can
result in sewage backing up into the home or property. In addition to reducing the cost associated with
pumping and treating large volumes of storm water, repairing a private lateral will help to protect
property, public health and the Indian River Lagoon.
Funding and Availability
The SOIRL Plan has allocated $840,000 for a pilot Sewer Lateral Program. More funding may become
available as further smoke testing highlights other lateral deficiencies. Grants for the Private Sewer
Lateral Program will be made available on a first come first served basis. Because funds are limited, it is
possible that not every eligible applicant will receive financial assistance. The sooner applications are
received the better the chance of receiving assistance.
Grants are available for up to $2,000 per household.
What Expenses are Covered by the Grant Program?
Assistance under the program will be available only to registered owners of residential or
commercial property within Brevard County, Florida.
Only expenses approved by the County are covered under this program. Expenses eligible for
program reimbursement must be specifically related to the repair or replacement of private sewer
laterals cleanouts.
Eligible expenses include cleaning and inspection, design, materials, equipment and contract labor
required to bring private lateral cleanouts into compliance with County standards. Above ground
landscaping and paving directly related to sewer lateral work may also be eligible only when the
work requested will return the disturbed area back to the preconstruction condition.
Ineligible expenses include any plumbing work under the foundation of the home or any additional
plumbing work on the property. Labor provided by the applicant or tenant is not eligible for
reimbursement under the program.
How Does It Work?
Once the Property Owner has been made aware of the need for a private sewer lateral cleanout
replacement or repair by either their own investigation or are notified as a result of smoke testing by
the Brevard County Utility Services Department, the Property Owner can apply for the Program.
The Property Owner then must get an estimate from a licensed plumber or contractor. The plumbing
contractor will then obtain permits and begin the work. Once the work is completed, the Property
Owner may file for reimbursement of their expenses.
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Assistance Coverage and Limits
The Program will provide financial assistance to Property Owners in the form of a grant. Assistance will
be provided on a reimbursement basis for related work which has been completed by a licensed
plumber or contractor and approved by the County or City Building Department. Grant approval and
reimbursement of costs are contingent upon the private sewer lateral cleanout being brought up to a
satisfactory and serviceable condition free of defects, in accordance with County Code and any
applicable municipal codes. Property Owners must submit a W-9 Form to take part in the Program. The
County will provide Property Owner with a 1099-G form reflecting the amount received for income tax
Program Application Procedure
Step 1: Complete a Private Sewer Lateral Program application. Save Our Indian River Lagoon staff can
assist in answering any questions regarding the program.
The County will review the application to determine if the application is complete and if the
proposed sewer lateral work is eligible under the Program. Work may be scheduled and
completed after the application has been approved by the County.
Step 2: Obtain quotes from licensed plumbers or contractors to complete the work. Obtain a written
quote from the plumber chosen to perform the proposed work. The plumbers will be
responsible for obtaining any necessary County or City permits.
The County will review the sewer lateral improvement plans and cost quotes submitted for
approval. Once approved, the Property Owner may proceed with work. After work has been
completed but prior to backfilling any excavations the County will perform a site inspection.
Please contact the County at least 2 days prior to completion so that the inspection may be
Step 3: Submit a completed Grant Reimbursement Request form with permits, vendor request form,
completed W-9 Form, and supporting invoices and receipts from a licensed plumber or
contractor within 3 months of project completion.
Note that reimbursement will not be approved until work is inspected and found to be in
compliance with state and county regulations and all required documents are submitted. The
Grant amount must be adjusted as necessary to reflect actual eligible costs after all work has
been completed, and in accordance with the reimbursement limits defined above. County staff
can assist if you have any questions about eligible amounts. Property Owners are typically
reimbursed within 45 days of submitting a complete Grant Reimbursement Request with all
required documents.
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Submittal of an application is required to participate in the Save Our Indian River Lagoon Private Sewer
Lateral Program. Applicants are encouraged to review program documents on the County website at and may contact the County with any questions regarding
the program. Upon approval of the application, work may proceed in accordance with Brevard County
Code. The actual Grant amount will be determined upon project completion based on actual costs
incurred. The Grant will then be executed for reimbursement of approved private sewer lateral work
completed and within the reimbursement limits defined. All available Grant funding will be allocated
on a first come first serve basis.
Submit this application to: Save Our Indian River Lagoon Project Plan,
Brevard County Natural Resources Management,
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Bldg. A-219, Viera, FL 32940
County Program Contact: Anthony Gubler, (321) 633-2016 ext. 52824,
Participant Information
Property Owner Applicant(s): ___________________________________________________________
Applicant Email Address: _______________________________________________________________
Property Address: ____________________________________________________________________
Parcel Number: ______________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address (if different from above): _________________________________________________
Home Number: _______________________ Work or Mobile Number: __________________________
Site Information
Do you have any cost quotes from licensed contractors:
Yes No if Yes please attach a copy of the information if available
Please indicate the property type:
Single Family Multi-family Commercial Agricultural Other: __________________
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I certify by signing this application that I am the legal owner of the property described herein. I am
aware the submission of this document does not constitute that a grant has been approved by Brevard
County. I have read the program information discussing the requirements of the Save Our Indian River
Lagoon Private Sewer Lateral Grant Program and agree to the Program requirements. I am aware that
a letter will be issued advising if this application has been approved. Work performed prior to receiving
the application approval letter may not be eligible under the program. I am aware that after the work
is completed and inspected I am required to submit a grant reimbursement form and supporting
Signature of Applicant: ____________________________________ Date: _______________________
Signature of Co-Applicant: _________________________________ Date: _______________________
County Review and Approval
Authorized County Signature: __________________________________ Date: ____________________
Name and Title: ______________________________________________________________________
Maximum available reimbursement to Property Owner: $2,000