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Financial Aid and Scholarships
Administration Building Room 113
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725-1315
Phone: (208) 426-1664
Fax: (208) 426-1305
Email: FinancialAid@boisestate.edu
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal
For Max Time
STUDENT NAME: ______________________________ ID#: _______________ PHONE: ________________
Federal regulations require that you meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards to maintain your
eligibility for federal financial aid. You must make progress toward a degree/certificate according to three standards:
GPA, Pace, and Maximum Credits. Find Boise State’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy online at
Federal regulations allow for exceptions to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, documented in a written
appeal, only when extenuating circumstances existed that caused a student to fail to meet one or more of the
Submission deadline to receive aid for the semester you are appealing for
Fall and spring: 10
day of classes for the semester you are appealing for (census day)
Summer: June 15
Please submit your completed appeal form with all supporting documentation to the Financial Aid and Scholarships
Office by the stated appeal deadline. It can take up to 3 weeks to receive a decision to your BroncoMail from the
date our office marks it as received.
Step 1
You must attach a detailed letter describing the extenuating circumstances that prevented you from graduating
within the allowable attempted credits per your degree. 1) Please describe what caused you to not graduate within
the allowable credit amount. 2) How those circumstances have been resolved. 3) How do you intend to stay on
track for graduation if your appeal is approved. Appeal letters must include all three elements to be considered for
Examples of extenuating circumstances include but are not limited to: hospitalization or medical condition of the
student, unexpected death or major hospitalization of an immediate family member, an emergency event, house fire,
or victim of a violent crime. While employment is not considered an extenuating circumstance, work issues beyond
your control may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Please attach documentation of the extenuating circumstances described in your letter. Examples of documentation
include but are not limited to: health care provider letters with dates of diagnosis and/or treatment or medical bills,
death certificates, obituaries, or police reports. Extenuating circumstances can only be used once. If these
circumstances were referenced to in a previous appeal or you fail to include documentation when the circumstances
are documentable, this appeal will be denied.
STUDENT NAME: __________________________________________ ID#: __________________
11.4.19 cm FAPLx
Step 2
If your appeal is approved, you will be placed on an academic plan with specified conditions of academic performance
evaluated at the end of each semester. If you meet the specified conditions, your status on an academic plan may
continue until you graduate.
Federal financial aid is meant for only one bachelor’s degree and minor at a time. If you are double majoring or in
multiple programs/certificates, our office may only approve a portion of the credits you have requested in this appeal.
Please meet with an advisor to complete the following section:
This section to be completed only by an academic advisor: (will also be confirmed by the Registrar’s Office once submitted to
Financial Aid. The Registrars confirmation could result in a different credit amount which would be used.)
1. Primary Program Information Maximum Credits
Current semester (circle): Fall Spring Summer # of credits in current semester:______ (0 if not enrolled)
Primary program (major/certificate) only_________________________________Minor:______________________
Number of credits remaining in primary program (with single minor if applicable) after current semester:__________
2. Additional Programs/Majors/Minors/Certificates
Only complete this section if the student is appealing the maximum credit standard and is currently pursuing more than a
single graduate program, undergraduate major and minor or certificate. Please list below and indicate the number of credits
needed to complete that program after the current term. (Exclude any credits that are included in section 1 above.)
Program: _____________________________________ Major Minor Cert. Grad Prg. ____________
Program: _____________________________________ Major Minor Cert. Grad Prg. ____________
Advisor’s Printed Name _____________________________________ Phone _________________
Advisor’s Signature _____________________________________ Date _________________
Student Certification of Understanding
I understand that approval is not guaranteed. If my appeal is denied I am responsible for any and all charges on
my Boise State student account, even if the decision is received after the date to drop for a refund of fees. I can
only appeal once a semester.
I certify that the information contained in this Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (SAP) form, supporting
documentation and statements, is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand any false
information is cause for the reduction, denial and/or repayment of student financial aid.
I acknowledge that I will complete 100% of all enrolled credits I enroll in each semester. Grades of “I”, “F”,
“W”, or “CW” will not count as completed and will result in removal from the academic plan and possibly loss
of financial aid eligibly.
If my appeal is approved and I fail to meet the conditions of my Academic Plan, or fail to meet any other SAP
standard, I will become ineligible for federal and state financial aid and certain private loans.
I understand that any SAP hold, including a warning or academic plan, may cause a delay of future financial aid
disbursements until the Registrar’s Office indicates that grades are “official” for the prior term and the Financial
Aid and Scholarships office is able to verify that I have met the required conditions to either regain eligibility or
continue on the academic plan.
__________________________________________ __________________
Student’s Signature (hand-signed only) Date
# of credits after
current term:
Circle One