Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Request Form
Please complete the form below certifying you understand the appeal process and have attached your
written appeal letter with documentation for review.
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Appeal Requested for: Fall Spring Summer School Year:
Appeal Instructions
1. Attach a written letter of appeal with your name and student ID number explaining the circumstances
that caused you not to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. Include in the personal
statement the extenuating circumstance that caused you not to meet the progress standards as well as
the resolution or plan you have made to resolve the problem with your Satisfactory Academic
Progress. Circumstances that will be considered include death in the family, accident, illness, or
other academic performance factors that were outside the student’s control. Financial need,
extracurricular activities, working long hours, or lack of motivation are not sufficient criteria on
which to base an appeal.
2. Attach appropriate documentation to support your letter of appeal.
Progress Appeal Consideration
Required Documentation
Requested Documentation
Medical Concerns (extended
illness, hospitalization, etc.)
Physician’s diagnosis or
discharge paperwork
Follow-up documents from
doctor’s appointments
Anxiety or depression issues Diagnosis or treatment
Documents regarding
medication changes, etc.
Significant Life Changes Two letters of support
from an authority figure,
i.e. a supervisor, minister,
counselor, etc.
Any legal documentation
regarding situation
Death of a Family Member Obituary or Death
Academic Renewal Documentation that
supports academic success
at other institutions
3. Submit all information to the office via email, fax – 540-831-5138, or by secure
drop box which can be accessed on our forms page –
Please note: Incomplete appeals will not be reviewed until all documentation is received. If the letter is
submitted without documentation, the letter will be held until documentation is submitted.
Appeal Priority Review Dates
In order for a student to be considered for aid to assist with the payment of tuition and fees, and/or room and
board charges for each semester, a completed progress appeal with all documentation should be submitted no
later than the following deadlines. All students submitting documentation after the deadline will need to make
alternate payment arrangements for any upcoming or outstanding bills.
July 15: Progress Appeal application deadline to assist with deferred charges for fall semester
November 1: Progress Appeal application deadline for aid consideration for fall semester
December 20: Progress Appeal Application Deadline to assist with deferred charges for spring semester
April 1: Progress Appeal application deadline for aid consideration for spring semester
Review Process
Appeal Decision Notification
A student, who submits a satisfactory academic progress appeal, will be notified via email to the
Radford University email, by the financial aid office about the appeal decision as soon as possible. The
review process does not begin until all documents are submitted. Review can take up to two weeks to
complete, once all documents are received. Students are responsible for making payment arrangements
for all account charges while awaiting their appeal decision. Please refer to the deadlines outlined above
as they relate to payment deadlines.
Approved Appeal
If the appeal is approved, the student will be placed on a Financial Aid Progress Plan for a semester.
The progress plan will outline conditions that must be achieved in order for the student to begin working
towards making satisfactory academic progress. The progress plan may be stricter than the normal SAP
standards or University academic standards. Students who sign and accept the progress plan will be
required to meet the conditions of the plan in order to be considered for aid for future semesters.
Accepted progress plan conditions supersede all other SAP regulations.
Denied Appeal
Decisions that are made by the Appeal Review Committee are final. If the appeal is denied the student may
pay their charges out of pocket or make monthly payments using the payment plan.
Certification and Signature
I understand that submitting an appeal does not guarantee approval and that I am responsible for payment of
my account charges.
I certify that I have read and understand the Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal instructions. I certify
that my appeal contains all required elements and the information I have provided is true and accurate.
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