Financial Aid
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Appeal Maximum Timeframe
Clark State Community College students receiving federal financial aid are required to meet Satisfactory
Academic Progress (SAP) standards. Evaluation of SAP is completed at the end of each semester. Students who
do not meet the SAP standards have the right to appeal. Clark State policy allows each student 2 approved SAP
appeals during their enrollment at Clark State.
Students are considered to have an eligible SAP status if they:
Maintain the required cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or better.
Satisfactorily complete enough credit hours to have a completion rate of 67.0% or higher.
Will graduate within 150% of the credit hours required to complete their academic program.
To review the SAP policy, refer to: Clark State S.A.P. Policy
Satisfactory Academic Progress appeals can be filed by students to document unforeseen and extenuating
circumstances that impacted the student’s ability to complete their degree or certificate within 150% of required
credit hours.
Appeals must be submitted 7 days before the start of the semester the student is seeking reinstatement of federal
student aid. Students will be notified of the decision (Approved, Pending or Denied) by email to their Clark State
student email.
All appeals must be signed by the student and a Success Coach/Faculty Advisor and include an Academic Plan
that plans all courses needed to complete program.
SECTION 1: Student Information
Name: _________________________________________________ Student ID Number: ______________________
Street Address: ________________________________ City: ________________ State: _________ Zip: _________
Primary Phone: _____________________________
SECTION 2: Extenuating Circumstance(s)
Provide a typed, detailed statement explaining what happened that aected your academic progress (for
example, death in the family, major illness or unexpected employment changes). Include the dates of each
occurrence and documentation to verify the circumstances.
SECTION 3: Steps for Success
Provide a typed, detailed statement explaining how the extenuating circumstances were resolved and what steps
you are taking to regain successful academic progress.
SECTION 4: Supporting Documentation
Please select one or more of the following that is included to support your appeal:
Documentation of illness and treatment. Please include dates: ____________________________
Obituary/death certificate
Proof of visit with/ letter from campus resources (check all that apply):
Oce of Accessibility
TRiO Sta
Counseling Services
Oce of Student Support
Student Success Center (Tutoring)
Other: __________________________________________________________________
Other: __________________________________________________________________________
Financial Aid
Financial Aid
937.328.6034 | | 570 East Leel Lane, Springfield, Ohio 45505
SECTION 5: Pell Grant and Loan Usage
As a Federal Student Aid recipient, it is wise to periodically review your grant and loan usage. To complete this
step, do the following:
1. Go to
2. Log in using your FSA ID
3. Select “My Student Data Download,” at the top of the page
My Pell grant usage is _______% out of 600% Lifetime Eligibility
My subsidized loan amount is: $_________ out of $____________ (maximum, view table below)
My unsubsidized loan amount is: $___________ out of $___________ (maximum, view table below)
FAFSA Dependency
Subsidized Maximum Unsubsidized Maximum Total Aggregate Loan
Dependent $23,000 $31,000 $31,000
Independent $23,000 $57,500 $57,500
SECTION 6: Confirmation of academic advising meeting to discuss student’s academic plan.
Success Coach/Faculty Advisor Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _________________
SECTION 7: Certification Statement
I certify that all of the information on this form and accompanying documents are true and complete to the best
of my knowledge. Furthermore, I arm that I have not knowingly or intentionally provided any false or fraudulent
Student Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: ____________________
Appeal Approved Appeal Denied Appeal Pended
FA Reviewer: _____________________________________________________ Date: ____________________
Academic Program: ____________________ Catalog Year: __________ Credit Hours To Complete: _________
Comments: _________________________________________________________________________________
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