Satisfactory Academic Progress
Appeal Form
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Federal regulations require that students make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) towards the completion
of their degree and maintain good academic standing. Students who fall behind in their coursework, or fail to
achieve minimum standards for grade point average and completion of classes risk losing their eligibility for
financial aid.
A student may appeal the suspension of aid eligibility if there were extenuating circumstances that prevented
normal academic progression. Examples of extenuating circumstances include a personal or immediate family
member serious illness (physical or mental), death of an immediate family member, pending incomplete
grades or withdrawal from classes after the drop/add period.
By submitting this form and supporting documentation you are explaining your deficiency, and requesting
consideration for reinstatement of your financial assistance.
Student Name:
Hope College ID Number:
1. Please attach a personal statement describing the reasons and circumstances surrounding your insufficient
academic progress. Your personal statement must address the following questions:
What circumstances have caused you to lose your eligibility for financial aid?
What specific steps have you taken and/or what steps will you take in order to be successful?
2. In addition to a personal statement, you must attach the following materials in order for your appeal to be
considered complete:
Your unofficial academic transcript ( - Registrar & Student Accounts - Student Records)
Supporting documentation based on your specific situation. Examples include:
o A letter of support from your academic advisor if you have been working with one
o A letter from your doctor or counselor if you have been working with one
o A copy of a death certificate or obituary if you have experienced the death of an immediate
family member
A copy of your grades if you have attended another institution since your last semester at Hope College
3. Review the SAP policysections 1 and 2 - ( to determine your
required GPA and required completion rate. Provide your academic information below:
Your anticipated graduation date ________________________
Your cumulative GPA _____________
Your attempted credit hours (includes all transfer and exam hours) _____________
Your completed credit hours_____________
Your calculated completion rate (completed hours/attempted hours) _____________%
Your required cumulative GPA _____________
Your required completion rate _____________%
Student Signature: __________________________________ Date Signed: _________________