Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form
Student Name: _____________________________________ Student ID: ___________________
Term and Award Year (Example: Fall 2020): _______________________ Date: _____________
In the event that a student fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress and is no longer eligible for federal student aid funds,
an appeal may be granted in limited circumstances on a case by case basis. This form serves as an appeal for reinstatement of
financial aid. Students must remain matriculated to have this appeal reviewed and to receive financial aid should this appeal be
In order to request a satisfactory academic progress appeal please submit the following with this form:
1. A typed written appeal letter which:
a) Describes the circumstances that prevented you from meeting the required SAP standards.
b) Outlines how the circumstances have changed, enabling you to meet the SAP standards going forward, and the actions you will
take to improve your academic performance.
2. Attach supporting documentation of the circumstances. Documentation must be on official letterhead and include the
student’s name and student ID. Examples of supporting documentation include:
Doctor’s note or letter from a physician
Legal documents
Police report/court documents
Other official documents that support the appeal
I understand that I must ensure that my bill is paid even if an appeal decision has not yet been made. Incomplete appeals will not
be considered for approval. I understand that if this appeal is granted I am required to meet the conditions that will be outlined
in my SAP Academic Plan and agree to meet with a member of the Academic Advising team to develop a plan for academic
success. Please sign using a pen or digital signature. Electronic signatures are not accepted.
Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: ___________________________
My signature above indicates that the information and documentation I have provided pertaining to this appeal are true and
complete to the best of my knowledge. Further, I authorize the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals Committee to access my
academic and financial records for review of my SAP appeal. I also understand that I am not eligible for financial aid unless I receive
approval of this request for reinstatement of financial aid.
Please email this completed form along with documentation to
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