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Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form
SECTION A: Student Information
________________________________________ __________________________________________
Last Name First Name M.I. ID Number
________________________________________ __________________________________________
Cell Phone Number Street Address Mailing Address
________________________________________ __________________________________________
Anticipated Graduation Date City/State/Zip
Classification: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate/Master Graduate/PhD Other: _________________
SECTION B: Appeal Instructions
Students have thirty (30) days after the first class day of the semester to file an appeal with the Financial Aid Office to request reinstatement of aid.
Students who are not making Satisfactory Academic Progress may file a written appeal to the Financial Aid Office. Required documentation:
1. A signed Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form
2. A typed statement explaining the circumstances that led to your current academic performance AND the steps you will take to ensure future
success in attaining your academic goals.
3. Third-party documentation that supports the reason you did not meet the SAP requirements. EXAMPLES include: Letter from physician
for medical circumstances, obituary or program for the passing of a loved one, character letter, etc.
Appeals will then go before a committee for review. All students will be notified of the committee’s decision in writing. ALL decisions made by
the committee are FINAL.
All of the information I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I have provided all documentation necessary
for the review of this appeal. I understand that I will be notified of the committee’s decision in writing via my SFA email account or
mailing address. I understand that by submitting an appeal I am not guaranteed reinstatement of financial aid. Finally, I understand
that any fees I may owe the university are due on the date specified regardless of the status of my appeal.
_____________________________________________ ________________________________________
Signature of Student Date
SECTION C: Appeal Details
Is this your first time to file a SAP appeal? YES NO
Please select the situational factors contributing to your lack of academic progress most applicable to you:
Occupational Situation Current family obligations
Unexpected life event Current health crisis or unexpected illness
Other (Explain): ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Please select ONE of the following that addresses the nature of the appeal:
Insufficient GPA Insufficient completion of attempted hours
Both completion of hours and GPA are insufficient Exceeded the maximum number of attempted hours for my degree
A degree plan from advisor specifying the number of courses
remaining (MANDATORY).
Which semester you will enroll if this appeal is approved? ___________________________________________________