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In unusual circumstances, financial aid administrators are given the authority, to determine that a student is independent from their
parents for the purposes of financial aid eligibility.
Situations that might warrant a dependency override include the student’s voluntary or involuntary removal from the parents’ home
due to an abusive situation, the student’s abandonment by the parents, or the inability of the student to locate the parents.
Several conditions that do not qualify as unusual circumstances, either individually or in combination, include parents who refuse to
contribute, are unwilling to provide information, or do not claim the student as an income tax dependent, or a student who
demonstrates self –sufficiency. The fact that a student’s parents live in another country does not qualify as an unusual
To request a Dependency Override a student who meets the above conditions, must submit the following with this form.
1. A typed and dated statement detailing the timeline and specific reasons for requesting this override. Be sure to address both
parents in the statement and be as detailed as possible. Take time and be thoughtful with your statement.
2. A signed and dated statement by a third party with knowledge of your circumstances. The third party could include: counselors,
teachers, clergy, community groups, government agencies, medical personnel, courts or other administrators. Only in rare
situations can the third party documentation be from a relative or a friend.
Additional information and documentation may be required.
Student’s Signature
Last Name (Print) First Name
Student ID (K00 Number)
Pipeline Email Phone Number
Financial Aid Office: www.sbcc.edu/financialaid/
I certify that all the information on this form and any attachments and subsequent information provided to the SBCC Financial
Aid Office is true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that false statements or misrepresentations
will be cause for denial, reduction, withdrawal and/or repayment of financial aid and referral to appropriate administrators
under AP 500 Standards of Student Conduct.