San Mateo County Community College District
Date: August 20, 2012
To: CSM Faculty, Staff and Administrators
From: Karen Powell
Re: CSM Facility Project Request Form
Copies: Jose Nunez
CSM is introducing a new Facilities Project Request Form, to provide a process whereby funding requests
for facilities projects can be tracked and evaluated.
The Facilities Project Request Form is intended to close the gap between standard maintenance and
operations services performed at no cost to the requestor, service requests for which the requestor has
available funds to support implementation, and Capital Projects funded by local bond funds or State
Capital Outlay funds. The intent is to pilot this process for a semester, and then to evaluate the submittal
and evaluation process for efficiency and effectiveness.
Please utilize this form if you desire a facility upgrade or repair that:
Requires a funding source (not included in standard facilities maintenance services)
Lacks available funds to support implementation
This form is not intended for use to address emergency issues, e.g. an imminent threat to persons,
property or equipment. In case of such emergency issues, please contact Facilities directly at ext. 6113.
Some examples of appropriate requests for this process include:
additional electrical circuits in a given area
install electronic locks at doors with manual locks
replace, upgrade or add lighting
replace or purchase furniture or fixtures, such as window treatments
Please complete the form and submit to your Dean or Administrator for approval. If approved by the
Dean or Administrator, they will forward the form to Facilities to estimate the cost of implementation.
Once a cost estimate is developed, forms will be presented to the President’s Cabinet for review and
prioritization. The evaluation criteria will include consideration of any prior documentation of the
request, via Program Review, Student Learning Outcomes, or other institutional planning documents.
If the proposed project is approved and funding is available, you will be contacted by Facilities to
schedule implementation. If approved in concept, however funding is not available, forms will be held
pending availability of funds. If / when funding becomes available, projects will be re-evaluated to insure
the highest current priorities are addressed.
Version 2.0 10-3-06
C:\Users\pulidoj\Documents\Copy of Facility Project Request Form v2
Requestor Name & Title:
Division or Work Area Name:
Building Name / Number
Specific Room Number(s) (if applicable)
Request Date:
Is this an emergency (imminent threat to persons, property or equipment)?
If an emergency, do not complete this form. Please contact Facilities immediately at ext. 6113
Please provide a brief description of the work you would like to have done. Please include any pricing or cost estimates you may have:
Has this need been articulated via Program Review, Student Learning Outcomes, or other institutional planning documents?
If so, please attach a copy of the relevant section of the document.
Submitted by:
Signature Date
Dean or Administrator Approval:
Campus Facility Manager's estimated project cost:
President / Vice-President
Vice-Chancellor, Facilities Planning, Maintenance
Account Code to fund work:
& Operations
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