San Jose City College
EOP&S Student Transfer Information
Note: This is a request for services and is not intended to imply the transfer of EOP&S or
Financial Aid eligibility.
I authorize the release of my EOP&S records to:
Name: SJCC SID #
_______________________________ _______________________
Signature Date
Cumulative Degree Applicable Units:
Educational Disadvantage Criteria:
____ not qualified for minimum English or math _____ previous remedial classes
____ not high school graduate _____ other: ________________
____ high school GPA below 2.5
Please attach unofficial transcript
Is the Student Eligible for the CARE Program? Yes No
Student has / Has not complied with their EOPS mutual responsibility contract
and/or other requirements at this college. (if not please explain)
Other comments (special needs):
EOP&S Director/ Designee:
College: San Jose City College Phone number: (408) 288-3788
E-Mail address: Fax Number: (408) 971-3641