Sample Phone Script for Contacting a Community Partner
Your faculty member will provide a list of community partner sites for your service-learning course, OR
community partners may visit your class to talk about their organization and a service-learning project.
Either way, before you register for your site placement in CI SERVES, you must contact your site
supervisor and let them know you will be completing your service-learning at their site.
Here is a guide for you to use when contacting your site supervisor. Remember that the first impression
is the most important.
Whom to speak to: Contact the site supervisor that has been identified by your faculty member or in
the CI SERVES database.
When to call: Generally, most community partners are available during normal business hours of 8am-
5pm; however, please be sure to check your community partner’s operating hours in CI SERVES.
What to say to your site supervisor: Hello (insert site supervisor’s name). My name is _________, and I
am a service-learning student at CSU Channel Islands. I am enrolled in (name of course) taught by
(professor’s name) and I am interested in completing my service-learning hours and/or project at your
site. I am interested because ____________. I am required to complete (insert number of hours your
professor requires) by (insert date) OR state the service-learning project. I am available on the following
days and times. NOTE: Let your site supervisor know the dates you must begin and end your service-
learning. Don’t forget to mention any special skills, certifications or experience you have that might be
relevant to the organization.
What to ask: Is there an orientation? What should I wear? If you are interested, ask if you can visit the
site before you begin serving.
Ending the phone call & Confirming the agreement: Before you hang up be sure you are clear on what
is expected of you, the days and times you will be serving, who you will be working with, directions to
your service site, etc. Thank them for their time and always end in a pleasantry ("Have a nice day!", or "I
look forward to working with you.")
Leaving a voicemail: Be sure to state clearly your name, why you are calling, your phone number and
the best time the site supervisor can reach you. Be persistent. You may have to leave several messages
or try email if you do not get through by phone. Remember to always be polite and professional! If you
do email your site supervisor, it is good practice to CC your professor too and always end your email
with “thank you and your name.”