Sample Form 24
State of Alabama
Case Number
In the__________________________
court of________________________
The district attorney hereby requests the defendant:
1. To permit the State to analyze, inspect, copy and/or photograph
the following which are within the possession, custody
or control of the defendant and which the defendant intends to introduce
into evidence at trial:
[Here list the books, papers, documents, photographs, tangible
objects, buildings or places, r portions of any of these things,
which are with in the possession, custody, or control of the
defendant and which the defendant intends to introduce in to evidence
at the trial.]
2. To appear at _____________________________________________,
(address)on the _______ day of __________________________, 20 _______, at
_______ o’clock ____.M., for the following purposes, which are solely in
connection with the offense (s) with which the defendant is charged in
this cause:
( ) to appear in a line-up;
( ) to speak for identification by witnesses;
( ) to be finger-printed, palm-printed, foot-printed
or voice-printed
( ) to pose for photographs into involving re-enactment
of an event
( ) to permit the taking of samples of the following:
[ ] hair [ ] blood [ ] urine [ ] other ___
( ) to provide specimens of his handwriting, or other
specified materials;
( ) to submit to a reasonable physical inspection or medical
examination of his body, provided such inspection or
examination does not include psychiatric or psychological
4. To permit the district attorney to inspect and copy any results
or reports of physical or mental examination and/or
reports or results of scientific tests or experiments made in connection
with this case which are within the possession or
control of the defendant, and which he intends to introduce in to evidence
at the trial or which were proposed by a witnesses who the defendant
intends to call at the trial if the results or reports relate to the
witness’s testimony, including but not limited
5. To produce and permit the State to inspect and copy the names
and addresses of qualified mental health professionals who
have personally examined the defendant or any evidence in this
case, as well as the results of or reports of mental
examinations, scientific tests, experiments or comparisons and statements
made by such professionals.*
_________________ ________________________________
Date District Attorney
Rule 16.2 and 11.5*