Honors Salon Proposal
The Honors Salon is a student-driven forum for the exchange of thoughts and ideas. Taking its name
from the spaces of the French Enlightenment, the Honors Salon offers Fellows an opportunity to
share and learn together. Fellows might present on their research to rehearse for off-campus
conferences, on extra-curricular interests such as hobbies, and so forth.
Salon proposal forms must be submitted electronically to the Honors director for approval at least
four (4) weeks ahead of their proposed dates. A Salon that demonstrates a minimum of five (5)
attendees and delivers on its objectives will earn the Fellow one (1) point toward her Honors Points
total. The title of the document should read: YOUR NAME, PRESENTATION, ACADEMIC
YEAR.pdf when submitted to the director.
Student ID Number
Last Name
First Name
Catalog Year (in which you entered the College)
1. A. Provide a brief title for your Salon: _____________________________________________
B. Propose your Salon. What content do you plan to present on? What is your expertise in this
subject? How do you intend to convey the information (through lecture, through hands-on activity,
so forth)?
2. How might your Salon benefit others? Who is your audience, and how do you serve them?
3. List three of the Salon’s educational objectives and learning outcomes. (Hint: frame them as action-
items. For instance, “Attendees of the Salon will be able to name the capital cities of sub-Saharan
Africa,” or “Attendees of the Salon will be able to identify the distinguishing features of Phish 1.0,
2.0, and 3.0.”)
i. Attendees of the Salon will be able to ________________________________________
ii. Attendees will be able to __________________________________________________
iii. Attendees will be able to __________________________________________________
How will you determine if those outcomes have been met?
4. How do you plan to advertise for this event? (NB: a Salon must demonstrate a minimum of 5
attendees in order to succeed.)
5. After consulting the College’s master calendar, what are three dates and times you propose to hold
this event?
i. _____________________________________
ii. _____________________________________
iii. _____________________________________
Fellow’s Signature
Student’s Signature
Honors Director’s Approval
Director’s Signature