Have you ever been judged delinquent by a juvenile court or convicted of a misdemeanor or felony-level jurisdiction? Yes No
If so, please provide further details below, including the date, court and nature of the charge or conviction.
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Have you ever been subject to disciplinary action by any institution of higher education? Yes No
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“I have applied for admission to Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota for the academic term beginning ________________________, and I authorize
________________________________________ to release the following information. ___________
Name of College/University Student Initials
The student named above has applied for admission or readmission to Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. This form must be on file before the
student will be considered for admission or readmission. Please complete the following questions:
Please return this form as soon as possible to:
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
Office of Admissions
700 Terrace Heights #2
Winona, MN 55987
800-635-5987, Ext. 1700
Saint Marys University of Minnesota
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