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To be completed and uploaded to the “my documents” section in the ECC Career Portal
Student Last Name: Student First Name:
Student ID Number: Student Email:
Job Title: Job ID Number (ECC Portal):
Company: Start Date: End Date:
Working Arrangement: □ On Site Remote Rotational (Combination of on-site & remote) Other: ______
Work Location: Canada If Abroad please specify location: _________________________________
Summer Work Term Agreement
I agree to abide by the following program policies and procedures before and during my co-op work term:
1. I will provide the ECC Office with a signed copy of my Offer Letter/Contract on the ECC portal before I
start my work term.
2. I will pay the PEY Co-op program fees according to the FASE Fees Schedule
3. Students working outside of Canada - I agree to follow the guidelines and complete all the mandatory
requirements of the Safety Abroad Office
. I will take extra precautions and observe the health and
safety protocols of the company as well as the location where my work is located.
4. I will keep the ECC Office informed should there be any work-related issues or concerns.
5. I will submit the Early Self-Reflection form and the Final Reflection Report.
6. I will return to school after my summer work term to continue my studies as a full-time undergraduate
student in the Fall. I acknowledge that this is a government mandated requirement for co-op
7. I understand that honouring this professional commitment and contractual agreement is required to
successfully achieve credit for this work term.
8. I agree to commit to a 12-16 week work term in the same organization. I will not withdraw my
acceptance, or decide to resign prematurely, without first discussing with the Director, Employer
Relations (or designate) followed by the designated Employer representative.
a. If for extenuating circumstances, I must rescind my acceptance of my work term prior to
starting the job, I will complete a PEY Co-op Renege Form
in order to maintain my eligibility to
continue in the PEY Co-op program
9. I will strive to conduct myself in a professional manner while on my work term, and I will assume the
responsibilities laid out in the University of Toronto Code of Student Conduct
I understand and accept the terms of this agreement as set out above.
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