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This Sublease Agreement is made between ________________________ , individually or
collectively as the "Sublessor," and ___________________________ , as the "Sublessee,"
together referred to as the "Parties."
The Parties agree that the Sublessee shall lease from the Sublessor a portion of the
Sublessor’s interest in the premises located at
__________________________________________ , (the "Premises") on the following terms:
1. SUBLEASE TERM. The term of the Sublease will be for a period of ___________
months, beginning on _________________ and ending on __________________.
2. RENT. Sublessee will pay a total monthly rent of $__________. Rent will be payable on
the first day of each month directly to the Sublessor.
3. SECURITY DEPOSIT. Sublessee will pay $_________ to Sublessor as a security
deposit. Deductions permitted by law may be made from the security deposit and the
remainder, if any, shall be returned to Sublessee within ______ days of the termination
of Sublessee’s tenancy. The security deposit may not be used as last month’s rent.
4. TERMINATION NOTICE. Sublessee’s tenancy will terminate on the date specified in
Section 1 above, unless Sublessor and Sublessee sign another written agreement prior
to the end of tenancy providing for an additional period of tenancy. Sublessee is not
responsible for finding a replacement upon the termination of his/her tenancy.
5. SUBLESSEE’S INTEREST IN THE PREMISES. Sublessee is one of ______ total
tenants occupying the Premises (the "Tenants"). Sublessee (WILL ) (WILL NOT )
share a bedroom at the Premises. If Sublessee will share a bedroom, it will be shared
with _____________________________. Sublessee may share all of the common
spaces (e.g., living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom) in the Premises equally with
the other Tenants.
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6. OVERNIGHT GUESTS. The Sublessee DOES DOES NOT need to obtain
Sublessor’s permission prior to the stay of any overnight guest(s).
7. UTILITY AND TELEPHONE CHARGES. The Sublessee agrees to pay _______% of all
utility charges. The Sublessee will pay _______% of the fixed monthly telephone
service charges and Sublessee will pay 100% of those telephone charges for which
s/he is directly and individually responsible.
8. HOUSEHOLD CHORES. The Tenants will divide all household chores as follows:
9. NOISE LEVEL. During the hours of _________ - _________, the Tenants will maintain
a noise level that will permit all tenants to study.
10. SMOKING. (Check one) Smoking IS , IS NOT allowed in the Premises.
11. ALCOHOL. (Check one) Alcohol IS , IS NOT allowed in the Premises.
12. PARKING SPACE. The Sublessee agrees that s/he IS IS NOT entitled to use a
parking space as part of this Sublease Agreement. The parking space, if any, is located
at ____________________________________.
13. MASTER LEASE. In addition to the provisions of this Sublease Agreement, the
Sublessee agrees to be bound by all the conditions of the lease between Sublessor and
the landlord, ________________ (the “Master Lease”). The Master Lease is attached
to this Sublease Agreement for reference. The terms of the Master Lease are hereby
incorporated into this Sublease Agreement. No representation that is not included here
or in the Master Lease shall be binding upon the Parties.
14. TERMINATION OF MASTER LEASE. If Sublessor terminates his/her tenancy in the
Premises under the Master Lease, Sublessor will provide ______ days’ notice to
Sublessee. Sublessee agrees that if the Master Lease is terminated for any reason, this
Sublease Agreement will terminate as of the same date.
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15. CONDITION OF THE PREMISES. Sublessee acknowledges that s/he has examined
the Premises and that they are in good condition except as follows ________________
_____________________________________________________________________ .
Upon the termination of this Sublease Agreement for any cause, Sublessee will leave
the Premises in their original good condition, except for reasonable wear and tear.
Sublessee is responsible for the repair of any damage resulting from the act or neglect
of Sublessee or those persons who are invitees of the Sublessee.
16. SUBLEASING AND ASSIGNMENT. Sublessee may not lease, sublease, or assign the
Premises without the prior written consent of the Sublessor.
17. COMPLETE AND BINDING AGREEMENT. All preliminary negotiations between the
Parties are merged into, and superseded by, the terms of this Sublease. This Sublease
will not be enforceable until signed by both Sublessee and Sublessor. Any modification
to this Agreement must be in writing, signed by both Sublessor and Sublessee.
18. GOVERNING LAW. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws in the state of
___________ .
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We, the Undersigned, agree to the above stated terms.
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