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I. THE PARTIES. This is an agreement to sublet real property ("Sublease") entered into
on _______________________, 20____, by and between:
SUBLESSOR(S): ______________________________________ (“Sublessor”),
SUBLESSEE(S): ______________________________________ (“Sublessee”).
The Sublessor agrees to sublet, and the Sublessee agrees to take possession of the
property that is located and described as: ____________________________________
______________________________________ (“Premises”) under the following terms:
II. TERM. Tenancy of this Sublease shall begin with the Sublessee taking possession
on _______________________, 20____ and ending on the
_______________________, 20____. Under no circumstances shall there be holdover
by the Sublessee.
III. RENT. The Sublessee agrees to pay rent under this Sublease in the amount of
$____________________ payable on the ____ of each Month to the Sublessor. The
rent shall be paid in the following manner: ___________________________________.
IV. SECURITY DEPOSIT. The Sublessor shall require a Security Deposit in the amount
of $____________________ that will be paid at the beginning of the term (“Security
Deposit”) by the Sublessee. Any damage or repairs needed at the end of the term due
to the Sublessee shall be credited against the Security Deposit. Any reason for retaining
a portion of the Security Deposit shall be explained in writing when returning the funds
to the Sublessee. The funds shall be sent to the Sublessee within ____ days after the
Sublease has ended with the Sublessee vacating the Premises along with their
V. UTILITIES. The Sublessor agrees to pay for the following utilities and services:
All other utilities or services shall be the responsibility and expense of the Sublessee.
VI. MOVE-IN CHECKLIST. At the time of taking possession of the Premises by the
Sublessee, the Sublessor and Sublessee: (check one)
- SHALL BE REQUIRED to complete a move-in checklist that provides a
detailed accounting of the condition of the Premises including, but not limited to,
repairs needed, water damage, or material defects. This is recommended in
order to protect the Security Deposit of the Sublessee.
- SHALL NOT BE REQUIRED to complete a move-in checklist that provides a
detailed accounting of the condition of the Premises unless otherwise required by
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VII. LEAD-BASED PAINT. The Premises: (check one)
- Was built BEFORE 1978 and a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure shall be
attached to this Sublease.
- Was built AFTER before 1978 and a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure is not
required to be attached to this Sublease.
VIII. SMOKING POLICY. Smoking on the Premises: (check one)
- Is ALLOWED in the following areas: _______________________________.
- Is NOT ALLOWED in the Premises or any common areas.
IX. LANDLORD’S CONSENT. The original lease between the Landlord and Sublessor:
(check one)
- ALLOWS subletting.
- Does NOT allow subletting but consent by the Landlord HAS BEEN
GRANTED to the Sublessee to take possession of the Premises.
- Does NOT allow subletting and consent by the Landlord WILL BE ASKED
immediately after this Sublease has been authorized. If the Sublessee is denied
by the Landlord, this Sublease shall be canceled with the Security Deposit
returned to the Sublessee with no further liabilities by either party.
X. LIABILITY. Sublessee agrees to surrender and deliver to the Sublessor the
Premises, including all furniture and decorations within the Premises in the same
condition as they were at the beginning of the term with reasonable wear and tear
accepted. The Sublessee will be liable to the Sublessor for any damages occurring to
the Premises, the contents thereof, the living areas, including any common spaces. All
actions conducted by any guests of the Sublessee are the responsibility and liability of
the Sublessee.
XI. GUESTS. There shall be no other person(s) living on the Premises other than the
Sublessee. Guests of the Sublessee are allowed for periods not lasting for more than
forty-eight hours unless otherwise approved by the Sublessor.
XII. MASTER LEASE. This Sublease must follow and is subject to the original lease
agreement between the Sublessor and Landlord, a copy of which has been attached
and is hereby referred to and incorporated as if it were set out here at length (“Master
Lease”). The Sublessee agrees to assume all of the obligations and responsibilities of
the Sublessor under the Master Lease for the duration of the Sublease. All disclosures
and statements required by the State and listed in the Master Lease shall made part of
this Sublease and, when attached, shall be considered disclosed to the Sublessee in
accordance with State and local laws.
XIII. DISPUTES. If a dispute arises during or after the term of this Sublease between
the Sublessor and Sublessee, they shall agree to hold negotiations amongst
themselves before any litigation.
XIV. WRITTEN AGREEMENT. This Sublease constitutes the sole agreement between
the Sublessor and Sublessee with no additions, deletions, or modifications that may be
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accomplished without the written consent of both parties (ANY ORAL
XV. LANGUAGE. The words “Sublessor” and “Sublessee” as used herein include the
plural as well as the singular; the language in this Sublease intends no regard for
XVI. ORIGINAL COPIES. Each signatory to this Sublease acknowledges receipt of an
executed copy thereof.
XVII. GOVERNING LAW. This Sublease shall be bound to the laws in the State where
the Premises is located.
XVIII. ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. ______________________________
XIX. SEVERABILITY. If any term, covenant, condition, or provision of this Agreement is
held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, the
remainder of the provisions shall remain in full force and effect and shall in no way be
affected, impaired, or invalidated.
XX. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Agreement contains the entire agreement of all
parties on these matters, superseding any previous agreement between them.
Sublessor's Signature: ______________________________ Date: ___________
Print Name: ______________________________
Sublessee's Signature: ______________________________ Date: ___________
Print Name: ______________________________
Landlord’s Consent
I hereby give my consent to subletting of the above-described Premises as set out in
this Sublease.
Landlord’s Signature: ______________________________ Date: ___________
Print Name: ______________________________