Updated February 2021
Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________________________________
School/University: ________________________________________________________
Graduation Date: ______________________________
Major: ________________________________ Minor: _______________________________
Current Grade Point Average ______________
AVAILABILITY (select all that apply):
___Fall (September-December) ___Spring (January-April) ___Summer (May-August)
___ Part-Time (less than 20 hours/week) ___ Full-Time (20-35 hours/week)
___ Other [desired hours if applicable]:______________
___ Remote ___ In-Person (IAF office)
Desired Start Date: _______________
OFFICE PREFERENCE (select up to 2 preferred offices
from the following list):
For more information please see our website
for a list of offices.
___ Office of External and Governmental Affairs ___ Office of Operations
___ Office of General Counsel ___ Office of the President and CEO
___ Office of Learning and Impact ___ Office of Programs
Updated February 2021
OPTIONAL: AREAS OF INTEREST (select top 3 choices):
___ Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
___ Natural Resource Management
___ Civic Engagement and Human Rights
___ Social and Economic Inclusion
___ Alternatives to Irregular Migration
___ Disaster Mitigation and Resilience,
___ Displaced Venezuelans
___ Graphic Design/Video Editing
___ Research and Writing
___ Strategic Partnerships
___ Monitoring and Evaluation
___ Knowledge Management
Complete internship application includes:
___ Student Volunteer Service Program Application
___ Resume
___ Cover letter
Email complete application materials to the Senior Management Analyst, Kara Rogers, at