Troy University provides a wide variety of educational services, as well as artistic,
athletic, and cultural programs, along with non-academic services to students at teaching
locations located around the world. As a service organization, the University values high
quality in the delivery of all of its academic and administrative services to all of its
constituents in all of its locations.
Occasionally, a student may feel that the treatment they have received is not consistent
with expectations based upon the university’s official documents, such as the
Undergraduate Catalog, the Graduate Catalog, or the Oracle Student Handbook. In
these cases, the University desires to have a clearly defined path for students to express
their complaints in a manner that will provide documentation and accountability within
the institution for providing a timely response and resolution.
Definition of a complaint. A complaint is a written statement by a student that the
treatment they have received is not consistent with the university’s policies as stated in an
official document. Only students may submit a complaint.
Complaints concerning academic programs are to be submitted in writing by a student to
either the Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Programs or the Office of
the Associate Provost for Graduate Programs, depending upon whether the student is an
undergraduate or graduate student. These complaints must reference the portion of the
Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog where the student perceives he or she was not treated
in a manner consistent with the information stated in the appropriate catalog. Academic
complaints related to grades may not be adjudicated through the Associate Provost’s
offices. Academic judgments made by faculty are based on academic content, course
requirements, and student performance. Students may not appeal grades based on
allegations concerning the competence of a faculty member, the fairness of an
examination, the difficulty of a course, or other matters of a purely academic nature.
Grades for individual assignments and exams may not be appealed. While it is
recognized that faculty hold the right and responsibility to grant a grade, a student who
receives a course grade that he or she believes to be unwarranted for reasons other than
those listed above may appeal that grade using the stated procedures located in the
Undergraduate or Graduate handbook as appropriate.
Complaints concerning student services are to be sent in writing by a student to the
Office of the Dean of Students and must reference the portion of the Oracle Student
Handbook in which the student perceives their treatment was inconsistent with the
polices in the handbook. Student services issues include housing, parking, student health
and wellness activities, Greek life, and campus security.
Complaints regarding financial services and student financial aid are to be sent in writing
by a student to the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Services.
The Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Programs, Office of the Associate
Provost for Graduate Programs, the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial
Aid, and the Office of the Dean of Students will each maintain a record of all written
complaints that have been received from students, along with documentation of how the
complaint was addressed. These records will be retained for a period of three years and
redacted records will be available for review for any accreditation or regulatory purposes.
The procedure for submitting a complaint: A student with a complaint should use the
attached form for describing the nature of the complaint along with contact information
that the University can use to respond to the student. The form must be completely filled
out by the student, signed, and sent as a paper copy to the appropriate office identified in
this policy, which are listed below.
Undergraduate Programs 101 Eldridge Hall, Troy University, Troy. AL 36082
Graduate Programs 11 Adams Administration, Troy University, Troy, AL
Dean of Students 233 Trojan Center, Troy University, Troy, AL 36082
Financial Services 146 Adams Administration, Troy University, Troy, AL
Submission of Complaints to the State of Alabama
Students may also contact the Alabama Commission on Higher Education at
P.O. Box 302000, Montgomery, Alabama 36130-2000 to utilize their complaint
A. First Name: M.I. Last Name:
B. Student ID:
C. Street Address:
D. City: State: Zip Code: Country:
(If outside of USA)
E. Telephone Number:
F. Email Address:
G. Current Student Status (If applicable):
H. Academic Level:
I. College:
College of Arts & Sciences
College of Communication & Fine Arts
College of Education
College of Health & Human Services
Sorrell College of Business
J. Location:
Dothan Campus
Montgomery Campus
Phenix City Campus
Troy Campus
eTROY (Online)
Global Campus
A. State the nature of the complaint (in five sentences or less).
B. Briefly describe the details of the complaint in the clearest possible language and indicate how Troy
University has violated its policies. (Identify the policy and, if necessary, attach additional sheets for the
description.) Materials and documentation used to support a complainant’s allegations should be limited to
and directly related to the reported case. The evidence should state relevant facts and document and support
the allegation that the university is in significant violation of the policy(s) referenced in the complaint.
Indicate the time frame in which the violations referenced in the complaint occurred
This complaint will not be processed unless all the boxes below are checked and you have signed
and dated the complaint.
I have read the Student Complaint Policy for Troy University and agree this form constitutes my
formal complaint.
I hereby certify that all of the information I have given above is true and complete to the best of my
YOUR SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________ DATE: _______________