Revised 032320 MA
111 Livingston Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201
Advisement Center
Please read the following:
o I agree that I have made all necessary arrangements to attend my classes and that virtual
active participation is required to complete my courses.
o I have access to a computer or a smart phone and will be alert and ready to login, and
participate in all of my courses.
o I will attend my virtual classes consistently at the scheduled time. This means that I will
log in to each class and participate in the “live/virtual” lecture with my instructor.
o If I am receiving services from HRA or one of its vendors, I have discussed my career
goals with my caseworker and work assignments will be scheduled around my BEOC
o I will be alert and ready for learning and follow the attendance and all academic policies
of the BEOC. I will utilize all the resources and tools of the BEOC for academic and
student support to ensure my academic success.
o I will maintain open communication with my instructors and advisors throughout my
program of study and log into Schoology consistently.
o I will provide job and college placement information as required.
o I agree that I will keep the appropriate administrative personnel up to date on any
challenges that may be prohibiting me from being successful.
I understand and agree to conduct myself according to the Student Code of Conduct that I
received and read. My failure to follow school regulations could lead to disciplinary action by
Brooklyn Educational Opportunity Center.
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