Property Information:
Property Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________________ Zip: _________________ Parcel ID: _______________________
Applicant’s Information:
Name: ___________________________________________________________ Phone #: ____________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________________
Address (if different): ___________________________________________________________________________________
Proposed Project Details:
The design of the STS for a proposed project is based, in part, on the potential occupancy of the dwelling. A bedroom is
defined as any room that can practically be used as a bedroom including a home office, den, etc.
Total number of bedrooms: __________ Water Source:
Size and type of dwelling has not yet been determined Municipal water
One, two or three family home Private Water System (well, cistern, etc)
Small Flow Onsite STS (SFOSTS)
Services Requested: Both a site and a soil evaluation option must be selected.
Site Evaluation
Soil Evaluation
Gray water recycling system
(GWRS): Type 1, 2, 3, or 4
$ 150.00 Replacement HSTS or SFOSTS $ 150.00
STS or SFOSTS: Replacement $ 150.00 GWRS Type 1, 2, 3, or 4 $ 150.00
STS: Replacement evaluation for a
remaining home from lot split
$ 150.00
ant lot $ 300.00
STS: New home construction $ 450.00
Performed by a certified soil
scientist or soil classifier
- 0 -
Minor lot split
- Division of an existing parcel into 5
or less lots with approvable STS area
$450.00 per lot
Site Evaluation Fee
Major subdivision review
- Review of a proposal to develop
more than 5 lots with STS
See staff
Evaluation Fee
Summit County Public Health
1867 West Market Street
Akron, Ohio 44313-6901
Phone: (330) 926-5600 Toll-free: 1 (877) 687-0002 Fax: (330) 923-6436
I understand the following:
Any approval or disapproval issued by SCPH is based on the information I have
Any change to this plan, including the disturbance of the approved STS area, may result
in the voiding of SCPH’s approval and is subject to a fee.
The application fee is non-refundable, regardless of the findings of this review.
Signature of Applicant: _________________________________ Date: ______________
Received by: ___________
Date: ___________
Amount: ___________
Credit Card
Check #_______
SCPH use only:
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Revised December 2018
Invoice No.: _______________
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A Guide to the Sewage Treatment System (STS) Permitting Process
1. The Site and Soil Evaluation (SSE) is the first step to installing a STS. This includes replacement systems or
hen a vacant lot or proposed vacant lot must be evaluated to determine if it could support a STS. The SSE
application must be submitted to SCPH with the accompanying fee.
2. SCPH will review the application and contact the applicant within 5 business days of receipt of the application
o discuss the next steps. The following may be required:
a. Arranging for an excavator to dig test holes for the soil evaluation.
b. Marking of easements, utilities and property lines on site.
c. Clearing areas of thick vegetation, if the area needs to be and cannot be accessed.
3. Both a site evaluation and a soil evaluation must be completed to determine suitability for a STS.
a. The soil evaluation can be performed by SCPH or by a certified soil scientist. If a soil scientist is used, the
report must be submitted to SCPH for review.
b. The site evaluation is performed by SCPH to verify the site conditions.
4. After the site and soil evaluations are completed, the applicant will receive a report from SCPH.
5. The STS designer or installer will use the report to prepare a design plan that must be submitted to SCPH for
6. Once the design plan is approved, an application for a STS installation permit must be submitted to SCPH.
7. After the permit has been issued, the installation of the new septic system may begin.
8. Once the work is complete, a final inspection must be performed by SCPH. Once a final inspection has been
ompleted and a detailed drawing of the system as it was installed is submitted to SCPH, the new STS will be
Site Specific Instructions:
All specific building projects must be submitted on a topographic site improvement for review and consideration
final lot approval
or parcels without an assigned address:
o Submit a request for a temporary address assignment
o If
the parcel is in Akron, Barberton, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson, Mogadore, Munroe Falls, Silver Lake, Stow
or Tallmadge, contact the municipality directly for an address assignment
o P
arcels in areas not listed above, contact Summit County Planning & GIS division at 330.643.2723 for an
address assignment.
Summit County Public Health
867 West Market Street Akron, Ohio 44313-6901
Phone: (330) 926-5600 Toll-free: 1 (877) 687-0002 Fax: (330) 923-6436
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Revised December 2018
For vacant lot evaluations and new home construction projects:
o If the lot is determined to be capable of supporting a STS, only a general lot approval will be granted if a
topographic site improvement plan is not submitted.
o General lot approvals are not suitable for zoning and building permit applications.
For lot splits of vacant land:
o If the project can be approved, as determined by the SSE, the applicant must submit a survey completed b
a r
egistered surveyor before SCPH will grant final approval
For lot splits of parcels with an existing dwelling:
o A vacant lot evaluation for any proposed new lot(s) will need to be performed.
o A separate site and soil evaluation is also required to determine how the proposed project will affect the
existing STS, the replacement area for the STS, and the water supply for the existing dwelling.
o The
SSE applications, as well as the associated fees, must be submitted to SCPH prior to the evaluations
o If
the project can be approved, as determined by the SSEs, the applicant must submit a survey completed
by a registered surveyor before SCPH will grant final approval.
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Revised December 2018
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