Revised: 07/2015
(This space for Secretary of State use only)
Secretary of State
P.O. Box 202801
Helena, MT 59620-2801
PHONE: (406) 444-3665
FAX: (406) 444-3976
Prepare, sign, and submit with an original signature and filing fee.
This is the minimum information required.
Required Filing Fee: $10.00
24 Hour Priority Handling check box and Add $20.00
1 Hour Expedite Handling check box and Add $100.00
Make checks payable to Secretary of State.
If the document is hand written, please print legibly or the application may be denied.
Check ONLY one box:
Assumed Business Name (30-13-211, MCA) Limited Partnership (35-12-506, MCA)
Corporation (35-1-309, MCA and 35-2-306, MCA) Limited Liability Company (35-8-104, MCA)
Limited Liability Partnership (30-10-720, MCA)
1. The business name to be reserved: _____________________________________________________________________________
2. The date the applicant intends to commence business: ____________________________________________________________
(For Assumed Business Name reservation only.)
3. The name and business mailing address of the applicant:
Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Business Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
City: _________________________________________________ State: ____________________ Zip Code: _________________
4. A description of the business the applicant intends to transact:
5. I, HEREBY SWEAR AND/OR AFFIRM, under penalty of law, including criminal prosecution, that the facts contained in this
document are true.
___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________
Signature of Applicant Date
____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Printed Name Title
6. Daytime Contact: Phone_________________________________ Email _____________________________________________
NOTE: This business name reservation does not authorize the entity to transact business in the State of Montana. A name reservation only holds the name for
future use, not current use. All Name Reservations are not renewable. The name reservation will expire either (whichever comes first): 120 days from the date of
filing OR when the entity files the necessary documents and fees to register the name and structure for active use. A person having a current reservation for a
Limited Partnership name may file a new Name Reservation for the same name after the previous reservation has been expired for at least 90 days. (35-12-506,
Revised: 07/2015
HELP SHEET: Reservation of Name Application
Use this form to verify the availability of a proposed business name. If the name is not similar to another business name already on
file, the Secretary of State will reserve the name for your exclusive use.
Use this form only if you have not filed, or are not currently filing, organizational documents such as:
Registration of Assumed Business Name,
Registration of Limited Liability Partnership
Certificate of Limited Partnership,
Articles of Incorporation, or
Articles of Organization.
If the name of your business is not a partnership, corporation, or another such association and does not include the full legal name
of each owner, the business name must be registered as an Assumed Business Name (ABN). Nicknames are not considered part of an
individual's legal name and any business name using such must register an ABN. (30-13-201, MCA)
An applicant for an assumed business name may not use a business name identifier that incorrectly states the type of entity that it is
or incorrectly implies that it is a type of entity other than the type of entity that it is. (30-13-202, MCA)
A fictitious name may be registered if the corporate name of a foreign corporation is unavailable for use in Montana. (35-2-305,
A name may only be reserved for up to 120 days before the business intends to commence. (30-13-211, MCA)