Revised 09/2018
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st Pine Street
P.O. Box 743
Georgetown, DE 19947
Phone: (302) 855-7875
Fax: (302) 853-5871
You are hereby notified that the Personal Representative of the above-captioned estate has filed the
____________________________________ Account in this office. A copy of the account is enclosed for your
inspection. The account will be open for any exceptions for three (3) months from the date of mailing of this notice.
The notice in writing of the filing of the account required to be mailed by the Register of Wills pursuant to 12
Del. C. 2302 (b) shall include the following statement:
“Personal Representatives of estates and Attorneys who represent them are entitled to
reasonable commissions and fees. In determining what constitutes reasonable commissions and
fees, consideration may be given to: the time spent, the risk and responsibility involved, the novelty
and difficulty of the questions presented, the skill and experience of the Personal Representative and
the Attorney, any provisions of the will regarding compensation, comparable rates for similar services
in the locality, the character and value of the estate assets, the character and value of assets which
are not part of the probate estate but which must be valued and reported on any federal, state, local,
or foreign death tax return, the time constraints imposed upon the Personal Representative and
Attorney, the loss of other business necessitated by acceptance of the administration, and the benefits
obtained for the estate by the administration. Commissions and fees shall not be considered
unreasonable merely because they are based exclusively on hourly rates, exclusively on the value of
the probate state, or exclusively on the value of the assets includible in the estate for the purpose of
any tax.
Unless you file an exception to the account alleging that the commissions of the Personal
Representative(s) or the fees of the Attorney(s) for the Personal Representative(s) as set forth in the
account are unreasonable, you shall be deemed to consider such commissions and fees reasonable.”
This rule will apply to the administration of estates of decedents dying on or after its effective date of
September 1, 1996.
Personal Representative(s)
Mailed ____________________________
By Register of Wills