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CDOT Form #431 04/17
Previous editions are obsolete and may not be used
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As you were in occupancy at the time of initiation of negotiations, but less than 90 days prior to that date, you are
considered a displaced person entitled to relocation assistance advisory services and moving payments. A
determination has been made as to the fixed residential moving cost schedule you may be eligible to receive. Your
entitlement for moving is based on the cost of one or a combination of the following methods:
1) Commercial move
2) Self move
(a) Fixed Residential Moving Cost Schedule - $
(b) Actual cost move
The following has been determined by CDOT:
Comparable replacement rental housing is available within your financial means and a list of available rental
housing has been provided; or
Comparable replacement rental housing is not available within your financial means (base monthly rent using 30%
of the displaced persons total monthly gross household income, if that income qualifies as low income in accordance
with established low income amounts determined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
You are entitled to a rental assistance payment, the amount of which depends on the dwelling you occupy.
This rental dwelling must be inspected and determined to be decent, safe and sanitary. If it is and you have to
pay $ per month, including utilities, or more for a replacement rental, you will be entitled to $ .This
payment is made under housing of last resort due to the failure to meet the length of occupancy requirement.
If however, you acquire and occupy a comparable rental for less, y
ou will receive the amount, if any, you have
to pay over $ per month, including utilities, for a 42 month period. Your rental assistance payment will
be paid in three installments at 14-month intervals.
If you decide to purchase a replacement dwelling you would be entitled to a downpayment assistance
payment. The downpayment assistance payment must be applied to the purchase price of the replacement
dwelling and related incidental expenses.
If you are eligible for payments and have complied satisfactorily with all requirements, you will receive a payment
within approximately 30 day
s after filing a claim.
In order to cause you as little inconvenience as possible, you will not be required to vacate your home prior to 90 days
from the date of this letter. You will be notified of a specified date at least 30 days prior to the date you must vacate.
If for any reason, you believe the amount of entitlement is not correct, please call or write me stating your reasons.
The Department will take these reasons into consideration and you will be advised of the decision. If you are still
dissatisfied, you may appeal to the Chief Engineer for a review of your case.
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