Fall 2018-Spring 2019
Research Project Award Application (Student)
Purpose: Students may apply for and receive awards offered through the Center for Research &
Scholarship (CRS) for research projects. Students, either as individuals or as research teams, will be
given these awards to resource the purchase of equipment (which becomes University assets), supplies,
and travel (including overseas) and the payment of consultation fees, stipends, or other support services
needed for the execution of research projects. Students interested in applying for these awards will need
to meet criteria established by CRS, including an identified faculty sponsor.
“Research” refers to inquiry that harnesses knowledge, skills, and values to produce new knowledge or
to make a new contribution to the discipline, and it is recognized that this concept varies across the
humanities, the creative arts, and the sciences disciplines.
Applicant’s Name:
Applicant’s School:
Award Requested:
Applicant’s LUID:
Declared Faculty Sponsor:
Applicant’s Classification:
Please note that Research-Intensive (R-I) awards are only available to full-time, undergraduate students.
Additionally, the research project must have emerged from an R-I course as designated by Degree
Completion Plans (DCPs).
Please provide your current class status (according to your number of credit hours):
Please state your involvement in research, including relevant research course numbers and descriptions
of research projects:
Full Description of the Proposed Research: In narrative form and not exceeding two (2) single-
spaced pages or four (4) double-spaced pages with type no smaller than 11 pt., please write your
proposal in language clear to a non-specialist in the field. Include the following and submit as a
separate attachment to this form:
Please state your current GPA:
Brief Description
of Research:
LU Residential (LUR)
Provost Research Initiative (PRI)
Fall 2018-Spring 2019
(a) The background and research problem/interest/question, including what area of
interest/problem or question is to be explored, how this project supports the University’s mission,
the approach or line of thought to be taken, the specific program of study or research planned for
the award period, and how this research relates to the work of other scholars in the same general
(b) The plan and method of the proposed work, including an overview of the planned approach,
approval status from IACUC or the IRB (if applicable), specific tasks to be performed, resources and
facilities needed, the projected results, and plans for the pursuit of publication.
(c) The significance of the project, including the nature of the general problem and the specific piece
to be investigated, the relevance of the problem to the research area, and how the project
is relevant to the field at large. Applicants should explain this significance explicitly and in a
well- structured rationale.
(d) The role of the faculty member in guiding the research agenda and mentoring students through
the research process.
(e) Expectati
ons of how you, as the student researcher(s), will significantly contribute to the research
(f) A bibliography.
Research Project Logistics:
ease describe how this research project emerged from a Research-Intensive course
(required for an R-I application, but not PRI application):
Total Amount Requested:
Will you accept partial fundi
Please provide an implementation timeline:
Itemized Budget: Please work with your faculty sponsor and budget manager to list and divide the total
requested amount among each FOAPAL that you are planning to use for the research expenditures. You
should use a program code of 20.
1) A letter of support from a declared faculty sponsor who holds the qualifications to guide the
research agenda.
2) If you are using a new technique or methodology that cannot be overseen by your declared faculty
sponsor, please include a letter(s) of support from 1) external collaborator(s) agreeing to collaboration
or 2) a supervising, qualified faculty mentor agreeing to oversee the process.
Additional Documents Required:
Please attach the following additional documents to this application:
Fall 2018-Spring 2019
Anticipated Real World Impact:
Please articulate how the proposed research enhances students’ competitive advantage in pursuing career
opportunities, advances the University's reputation, impacts society, and applies to the industry.
Fall 2018-Spring 2019
Applicant’s Statement of Agreement:
I have reviewed all criteria (e.g., conforms to ethics/best practices; IRB or IACUC approval) and agree
to all terms for this grant.
I understand that dispersal of funding for projects involving human or animal subjects will be dependent
upon proof of IRB or IACUC approval.
I agree to expend any funds granted only for the research identified on this application and in
accordance with proposed budget. I agree to return unexpended funds to CRS.
I agree to submit a final report on the outcomes of the funded research project within four weeks of the
project’s conclusion.
Student Signature:
Declared Faculty Sponsor Signature:
Budget Manager:
Index Code:
an Signature:
Thank you for submitting an application for a Research Project Award. Within three weeks of the
submission of your application and all requested documentation, the Center for Research & Scholarship
will contact you regarding the acceptance of your application. Please contact the Center for Research &
Scholarship at crs@liberty.edu or (434) 592-5939 with any questions or concerns.
Note: Each application will be assessed by faculty reviewers using a rubric based on the evaluation
criteria defined in the application guidelines.
Center for Research & Scholarship: Award Approved or Disapproved
Approved for amount of funding
CRS Signature: Date:
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