: SS.
I, __________________________ and I, __________________________ as Seller(s) of the
Residence (hereinafter I or, if applicable, collectively, we) to
_________________________________ and __________________________ as purchaser(s)
(the “Purchaser(s)”), being duly sworn on their oath represent and warrant as follows:
1. The residence to be sold is located at _____________________________ , New Jersey (the
2. The Residence is considered "real property" meaning that it is permanently affixed and is either
an existing single family residence consisting of not more than four dwelling units or a newly
constructed single family residence consisting of not more than one dwelling unit in Statewide
Areas and two dwelling units in Targeted Areas.
For the purposes of the above, the term "existing residence" means units or dwelling which
have been previously occupied or used, as a residence and the term "newly constructed
residence" means units or dwellings which have not been previously occupied or used as a
3. That at the time of title conveyance the Residence will be vacant and ready for immediate
occupancy by the Purchaser(s).
4. I/We certify that the Residence has not been used by us for a business or trade with the
exception of earning residential rental income, if applicable. The Residence is residential in
character and use and to the best of my knowledge is not suited for any other trade or business
5. Acquisition Cost
A) The acquisition cost of the Residence is $ _____________________________
(“Acquisition Cost”).
B) Neither the Purchaser(s) nor anyone on their behalf has or will make any payment other
than the amount indicated in 5A to me/us or to any other person on my/our behalf, nor
have they cancelled any debt owed by me/us or by a person related to me/us.
C) I/We have not entered into any agreement with the Purchaser(s) of the Residence
pursuant to which any portion of the Residence has been left unfinished or any fixtures
or other architectural appointments have been omitted or removed from the Residence in
order to reduce the Acquisition Cost.
D) I/We have not and will not provide secondary financing to the purchaser other than that
specifically disclosed to the New Jersey Housing Mortgage Family Agency
(“NJHMFA”) in writing and approved by the NJHMFA in writing. Further, (I/we) have
not and will not provide funds to the purchaser(s) as a gift other than the payment of
closing costs as is customary in the area where the property is located and other than as
have been disclosed to the NJHMFA in writing and approved by the NJHMFA in
6. I/We certify that no occurrence between now and the title closing date shall cause the above
stated representations to become untrue. If at any time up to closing any statement contained in
this Affidavit shall become incorrect or untrue, we shall immediately notify the purchaser and
the purchaser's mortgage lender and the NJHMFA.
7. I/We have read each of the statements contained in this Affidavit. I/We understand the meaning
of each statement.
8. I/We understand that any false or misleading statement by me/us in this Affidavit constitutes a
criminal offense.
Execution at time of Loan Application
L.S. __________________________________________
L.S. __________________________________________
Sworn and Subscribed to before me on
this __________ day of _________________, 20 _____.
Notary Public
My commission expires on:
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