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List every course in which you are currently enrolled this Spring 2020 semester for which you wish to
switch from letter grade to S/U option:
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By signing this form, I acknowledge the following statements:
As per the catalog, the definitions of an “S” (C- or better) and “U” remain in place.
This temporary policy change does not alter existing grade requirements for my major. For example,
if a C or better is required in a specific class, an S grade will not suffice. Refer to the College Catalog for
clarification on course grade requirements for specific majors.
Grades of “S” fulfill requirements and add to overall credits completed, but carry no grade value and
will not affect my GPA.
I understand that if I am repeating a course under the “grace grade” policy, I must keep the original
grading plan. If the original course was taken on S/U basis, I must keep the S/U plan. Likewise, if the
original course was taken on a letter-grading plan I may NOT opt for S/U grading.
Some graduate and professional schools may frown upon S/U grades since it is unclear what level of
mastery the student achieved in the course.
Taking a course as S/U will not negatively impact my standing in the Honors Program provided that no
low or unsatisfactory grades are earned.
First-year students interested in the possibility of joining the Honors Program are encouraged to retain
letter grades in their classes so that their end-of-semester GPA includes those grades.
Tischer Scholars writing Departmental Honors Papers must retain a letter grade in the 499 class.
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