217 E. Edenton St., Raleigh NC 27601
P.O. Box 26148, Raleigh, NC 27611
(919) 733-0123
Note: This application should be transmitted to the CLE Board at least 50 days prior to
presentation of the CLE program.
1. Full Name of Sponsor:___________________________________________________________________________________
2. Name of Contact Person: _________________________________ Telephone ______________________________________
3. Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________
4. E-mail Address: __________________________________ Web Address: ________________________________________
5. Title of CLE Program: ___________________________________________________________________________________
6. Type of Program:
Interactive computer program (CD, On-Demand) Live program, presenters and attendees on-site
(Describe the interactive component of the program) Live audio-only (telephone) hook-up
Live Webcast Group video viewing
If the program is pre-recorded, please provide the date of the original production: ___________________________________
7. Date/Time of Live Activity: Begin (hour & date): _______________ End (hour & date): ______________________________
8. Location (city, state/country):_____________________________________________________________________________
9. Registration Fee(s):____________________________________________________________________________________
10. The CLE program is being offered and advertised as follows
(specify method and location of advertising): ____________________
11. Are you seeking technology credit for this program: Yes
12. The CLE program is being offered pursuant to the Mandatory Trust Account requirements found in Rule 1.15.
13. The CLE program
was / was not open to and advertised to attorneys outside of the firm/company.
14. Please attach the following required information:
A. A description of the subject matter covered in the course. For longer programs, provide a description of the content of
each section.
B. If the program has an ethics, professional responsibility, professionalism or substance abuse component, please submit
the course materials for those sessions.
C. Identification of all presenters by name and qualification.
D. A real-time agenda. (See page 2 for time and content requirements.)
15. Sponsor’s calculation of number of CLE minutes (for computer programs, give running time):
Ethics, professional responsibility, or professionalism: _______________ minutes
Substance Abuse/Mental Health Awareness (must be a minimum of 60 minutes) _______________ minutes
General/other: _______________ minutes
(substantive law topics other than ethics, professional responsibility, or professionalism):
Total: _______________ minutes
16. Did the sponsor accept compensation from a manufacturer, distributor, broker or merchandiser of an IT solution in return for a
presentation on the IT solution at this CLE program? Yes
No (See 27 NCAC 1D Rule .1602(e))
(continued on page 2)
NCSB Form 2 rev.1/19
Sponsor Number: ________________
Course Number: _________________
SA _____ E _____ G _____ T ______
17. The Sponsor agrees to furnish the following to the Board of Continuing Legal Education, within thirty (30) days after the
CLE activity:
a. An alphabetical list of attendees, including their NC State Bar membership numbers and a statement of the ethics,
general, and total credit hours taken by each attendee.
b. The required sponsor fee computed at $3.50 x total approved CLE hours x total number of NC attendees.
18. The Sponsor represents that it will:
a. Comply with the Continuing Legal Education Rules and Regulations including any amendments thereto;
b. Conduct this CLE program substantially as advertised and presented in this request, subject to emergency
substitutions and withdrawals;
c. Allow in-person observation of this CLE program by members and staff of the Board of Continuing Legal Education.
19. The Sponsor acknowledges that this CLE program may be disapproved and prior approvals of any CLE program revoked
for violations of the Rules and Regulations or for failure to comply with the agreements and representations contained in this
Date:______________________________ CLE Sponsor: ___________________________________________
Signature: ______________________________________________
Title: __________________________________________________
1. North Carolina uses a 60-minute hour. That is, 60 minutes are required to equal one CLE credit hour.
2. Only the time of actual instruction counts toward CLE credit hours.
3. Question and answer sessions are considered actual instruction and may be included for CLE credit provided such question
and answer sessions do not exceed 15 minutes per CLE credit hour. For example, a program approved for 4 total CLE credit
hours may include up to 1 hour of questions and answers.
4. No complete CLE program may be less than 30 minutes in length. However, a program may include individual topics of less
than 30 minutes in length.
5. CLE credit, when converted from minutes to hours, will be rounded down to the nearest quarter-hour.
6. CLE credit is not given for:
• Introductory remarks
• Breaks
• Business meetings
• Personal development programs
• Presentations on marketing a law practice or client development
• Speeches in connection with banquets or other events that are primarily social
• Demonstrations of services or products with intent to sell
7. In reference to instruction in professional responsibility/ethics/professionalism, programs so classified may not include
topics such as attorney fees, client development, communication skills, etc., except to the extent that professional responsibility
is directly discussed in connection with such topics.
8. All courses, including computer programs, must be either live or interactive. No credit will be given for self-study. Video
presentations must be scheduled for a minimum of three attorneys.
The NC State Bar Board of CLE currently charges a fee of $3.50 per credit hour per attorney.
The Sponsor pays the fee in the following circumstances:
• Approved program is presented in North Carolina.
The Sponsor has the option of paying the fee in the following circumstances:
• Approved program is offered without charge to attendees, regardless of where the approved program is presented.
• Approved program is offered by sponsor based outside North Carolina and is presented outside North Carolina.
When a Sponsor does not pay the fee, the North Carolina State Bar will bill attorneys directly for hours attended.
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