The following form serves as an application for your proposed event. It is intended for the use by a
person or organization planning an event in the Village of Wheeling that includes any of the following:
Use of public property including Village streets;
Use of Village services(i.e. electrical or w
ater needs, traffic and parking coordination,
paramedic services, etc.);
Outdoor events held by
businesses that are open to the general public (i.e. sidewalk sales,
tent sales, parking lot promotions, etc.); or
Temporary events involving liquor sales or raffles.
Application Deadline:
Complete this applicat ion at least six (6) weeks prior to the proposed event to ensure proper
review and approval.
For larger events involving the coordination of multiple Village services, it is high
recommended that the special event application be submitted several months in advance of the
The application deadline for minor events involving only sidewalk sales, promotional events, or
tent sales on private property is ten (10) days prior to the event.
Please submit the following along with this application:
SITE PLAN: Showing the event layout including sales area and equipment placement.
nclude a signed written statement from the property
owner granting permission for the event (including the date, time, & location).
For questions or addition
al applications, contact the Community Development Department:
2 Community Blvd., Wheeling, IL 60090
phone: 847-459-2620
fax: 847-499-2656
The following permits and/or licenses may be required for a special event:
Tent Permit
Temporary Business License
Electric Permit Temporary Sign/Banner Permit
Inflatable Sign/Display Permit Raffle/Bingo License
Building Permit Temporary Liquor License
Temporary Food Service Permit
Please be advised that certain events, such as
events involving amusement rides or events located on
public proper
ty may be required to provide a Certificate o
f Insurance and a Hold Harmless Agreement.
The contact person will be provided more information when this applie
In rare instances, the Village may deny a request for an event if it is determined that it may jeopardize
the health or safety of the public or may cause damage to public property.
Information for Proposed Community Event
Name of Event:
Name of Business/Organization Planning the Event:
Business/Organization Address:
Contact Person Name:
Contact Numbers: Home Phone: Work:
Cell: Email:
Date(s) of Event: Time (start to finish) of Event:
Location of Event:
Will food be served at event? ___ YES ___ NO
If yes, request & complete the Temporary Food Service Permit Application.
Will alcohol be served at the event? ___ YES ___ NO
If yes, request & complete the Temporary Liquor License Application.
Will live music be provided? ___ YES ___ NO
Brief description of event:
Type of Event: (check all that pertain)
___ Sidewalk/Parking Lot Sale ___ Festival ___ Arts & Craft Show
___ Radio/Television Broadcast ___ Promotional ___ Fundraiser
___ Carnival / amusement rides ___ Car Show ___ Petting Zoo
___ Run/Walk/Bike Event ___ Other _________________________________
Services for Special Event: (check all that pertain)
___ Signs/Banners ___ Tent ___ Inflatable equipment/display
___ Water usage ___ Stage ___ Portable Toilets/Sinks
___ Amplifier/Public Address System ___ Electrical wiring and/or generator
___ Raffle/Bingo Other _________________________________________________
Revised 7/23/19