Name of Requestor: Date:
Telephone No. or Extension No.:
Co-Sponsored by:
Proposed Activity:
Brief Description:
Day of Activity: Date of Activity:
Time of Activity: Set-up Time: Start Time: End Time:
Number of Attendees:
Set-up Requirements:
Lounge Amphitheater Kitchen Set-up Diagram Attached
Video Equipment Podium/Microphone Furniture Removal
No. of chairs _____________ No. of tables _____________
Additional requirements not listed above:
Budget Manager’s Signature: Budget Number:
Director of Student Activities: Date:
ASO President/Student Trustee: Date:
Director of Facilities,Operations,& Planning: Date:
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SCReq No. 001
1) The Student Center Facility Request Form may be obtained from the Student Activities Office in
the Student Center. Requests must be submitted at least four (4) weeks in advance of the actual
date of the event. Associated Student Organization (ASO) and chartered clubs activities are given
priority approval. District schools, departments, and/or organizations are eligible to use the
student center. The student center is not available for non-district events.
2) The Student Activities staff member will check the activity calendar for availability of the
requested facility, time and date. If there is a conflict of locations and/or date and time, you will be
notified 48 hours of the receipt of the facility request form to request an alternative time/day.
3) If there are any setup costs to be incurred due to custodial staff overtime, furniture removal, a
budget manager’s signature and budget number will be required.
4) Depending on the time/date of the event, some furniture removal requires the closing of the
student center during normal business hours. Total furniture removal costs are approximately
$650.00 and the center must be closed at noon of the previous day. Theses factors will be taken
in consideration for approval of the event.
5) The ASO President and the Director of Student Activities will discuss and approve all facility
request forms. The request may be forwarded to the Student Center Planning Committee for
unusual circumstances. The requestor will be notified within 10 days for the submitted request.
6) After approval, the Student Activities staff will make the appropriate arrangements with campus
departments involved with the student center set-up. (i.e. custodial, maintenance, audio/visual etc.)
7) If the student center furniture is to be rearranged and/or removed from the student center, the
Director of Facilities, Operations, and Planning will also be required to approve the request.
8) No foggers are permitted in the Student Center.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Students Activities at 619-482-6568
or stop by the Student Center.