Travel Advance Agreement/Request
I understand that for any travel advance made by the University, I am personally
responsible for all monies so advanced to me. If a travel advance is obtained and the trip in
which the advance is made is not taken, I agree to repay the advance immediately. I understand
that I must submit a Travel Expense Account immediately upon completion of the trip or
immediately repay the advance. When traveling international I must also include exchange rate
receipts or a copy of the exchange rates for each day printed from the Internet. In the event I
fail to repay the amount of the advance, then I agree that the University may notify the Payroll
Office to deduct the amount of this advance from the next salary check(s) due to me until paid
in full. I hereby subscribe by my own hand and acknowledge that I have read the above
carefully and agree to its terms and conditions.
Travel Office use only
Employee Name:
Phone #: W #:
Vendor Name/
Address if Other
Than Employee:
Vendor ID:
Employee Signature:
Date: Budget Unit #:
Budget Unit Name:
Travel Authorization #:
Amount of Advance:
I certify that the above employee meets the requirement to obtain a travel advance per
Travel Guide PPM 49 paragraph 1503.B and approve this request under the following
Budget Unit Manager Name:
Budget Unit Manager Signature:
Budget Unit - Fund: Amount:
PO Number:
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