Recorded Property Owner: __________________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
City State Zip
Telephone #_______________________ Mobile #________________________ Fax #_______________________
Contractor’s Name: _________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
City State Zip
Telephone #_______________________ Mobile #________________________ Fax #_______________________
Property Location___________________________________________________________________________________
Legal Description of Property: Attach copy of Recorded Deed (including the legal description).
________1/4 ________1/4 Section: ______ Township: ______N Range: ______W
Parcel Number: _____________________________________________________________
Subdivision Name: __________________________________________________ Lot #________________
Type of Development Proposed: (Check all that apply)
____Excavation, grading or filling only ____Utility Construction
____Road/street construction ____Subdivision
____Site grading for building ____Rock or gravel mining/quarry
Description of Development___________________________________________________________________
Total acreage of site: ___________Acres Total land to be disturbed: ___________Acres
Time needed for completion of work: __________________________________________________________
Is grading within a sinkhole? Yes _____No _____ Is grading within a stream channel? Yes _____No _____
If yes, stream name: _________________________________________________________________________
In signing this application, I understand and agree to abide by the requirements of the Stormwater & Erosion Control Regulations for
Christian County. I agree to all necessary inspections on my development and to supply additional information if requested to secure
Compliance with any of the Christian County regulations relevant to this application. I also understand that if the information provided
herein is not true, my permit may be revoked. Owner of record and/or legal tenant is responsible for adherence to any deed restriction or
Please Use Ink to Print Name and Sign Signature Date
Permit #____________ - _______________ Date Issued: ______________
Receipt #__________________
________________________________________________ Check #___________________
Planning and Development Department Fee $____________________
Christian County Planning & Development
1106 W. Jackson Street
Ozark, MO 65721
1. Fill out a Soil Erosion Control Permit Application Form. Incomplete applications shall not be
considered for approval. An application is complete when it contains all of the information that
is necessary for the permit-issuing authority to decide whether or not the development, if
completed as proposed, will comply with all of the requirements of these Codes.
2. A legal description from a recorded deed must be furnished with the application form.
3. The recorded property owner must sign the application. If the applicant is not the owner of
record, a notarized statement giving the legally authorized agent’s name and signed by the
property owner must be submitted.
4. Submit a Soil Erosion Control Plan (SECP) (Section 4, Article 3 of the Stormwater and Erosion
Control Regulations) and a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). (No permit can be
issued until the SECP and SWPPP are approved.)
5. The Grading Permit fee is determined by the amount of acreage to be disturbed. (Checks should
be made payable to “Christian County Planning and Development.”)
Grading Permit Application Fees:
1 5 Acres………………………….. $ 150
Greater than 5 Acres …………………$ 250
7. With application for a Soil Erosion & Control Permit, the County shall require the developer to
post a performance bond, irrevocable letter of credit, escrow agreement, or cash bond of not less
than the cost plus 10 % of all work to be done under the Permit. An itemized construction cost
estimate of each portion of the work shall be submitted with the security.
8. After approval of all drawings, specifications and security, the County shall issue a permit to the
developer for the specified work.
9. Construction of detention/sedimentation basins shall be completed prior to any work on the site,
including clearing & grubbing.
10. Upon completion of the specified construction, a final inspection will be conducted by the
County Engineer. A “punch-list” of unsatisfactory items will be provided to the developer
within 1 week of the final inspection. Upon satisfactorily completion of “punch-list” items and
after As-Built Drawings are provided to the County, the County Engineer will issue a letter of
approval to the developer. The Planning and Development staff will release the security once
the development has been completed and approved by the County Engineer.
11. The developer/applicant is responsible for the review expenses of the County Engineer.
Depending on the nature and location of your operation, other County, State or Federal permits
may be required.
*For sites where one (1) acre or less is to be graded, a permit may be waived when certain criteria
are met as determined by the Stormwater Engineer.