Information Technology
Software installation requests are processed as they are received with highest priority given to requests that support
academic programs.
Installation completion is dependent on the time period a request is received. No ad hoc requests can be processed
during the first two weeks of the semester. All ad hoc requests received thereafter will require a minimum of 10
business days for installation due to class schedules, ITS Staff workload, and limited classroom access.
Due to the high volume of requests each semester, requests must be received by the dates below:
Fall Semester: 15
of July
Spring Semester: 1
of December
Summer Semester: 15
of April
First Name Last Name
Department Lander Email
Phone Extension Other Contact Number
Classroom(s) for Installation Date Requested
Software Name Software Version
License Type Number of Licenses
Course(s) for which software is required Section(s)
I confirm that:
I understand the policies outlined above regarding installation timelines.
I am agreeing to provide the necessary materials described below.
I understand that the processing of my request does not begin until I provide ITS with (1) a copy of purchase
order, (2) copy of paid invoice with the number of seats/licenses, (3) current license agreement and installation
key, (4) registration card with serial number and date of purchase, (5) original manuals and technical
documentation, (6) software program installation instructions, and (7) system requirements and technical
support contact numbers.
If I have additional questions, I can consult with ITS by calling the help desk at (864) 388-8234.
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