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choice board
Write your sight
words using two
colors. Make the
consonants one
color and the
vowels a
different color.
Pick a different
color for each
letter and write
your sight words
using rainbow
Use playdough,
pipe cleaners, or
string to form
the letters in the
sight words.
Write your sight
words like a
For example:
Write your sight
words with a
white crayon. Use
crayons or paint
to color over
them to reveal
the hidden sight
Write your sight
words in a word
search. Have a
friend or adult
try to find them.
Look through a a
magazine or sales
ad. Cut out
letters and glue
them on a piece
of paper to spell
your sight words.
Grab a book and
see how many
sight words you
can find.
yourself to keep
track using tally
Create two sets
of sight words on
small cards. Turn
them face down
and play a
memory game
with a partner.
Count the
number of
letters in your
sight words.
Write them in
order from least
to greatest.
Read your sight
words using funny
voices. Use a
squeaky voice, a
deep voice, and a
whisper voice.
What other voices
can you use?
Use your finger
to write your
sight words in the
Sight Word List
The Printable
choice board
Write your sight
words in
Write your sight
words on sticky
notes and stick
them to the wall.
Turn the lights
off. Point a
flashlight at each
word and read it.
Pick four
different crayon
colors. Write all
of your sight
words in each of
the four colors.
Pour sprinkles or
rice on a shallow
plate or tray. Use
your finger or
paint brush to
write your sight
words in the
sprinkles or rice.
Use cereal or
small objects to
form the letters
to spell your sight
Use a keyboard
computer or
phone app and
type your sight
words two times.
Spell your sight
words out loud.
Jump each time
you say a
consonant and
touch your toes
each time you say
a vowel.
Write your sight
words using all
capital letters.
Write them again
using all
lowercase letters.
Write the sight
words and count
their worth.
Consonants = 2 pts
Vowels = 1 pt
Write 4 of your
sight words in a
sentence. Be sure
to start with a
capital letter and
end with a period.
Write each sight
word using the
smallest letters you
can write. Write the
sight words again
using normal size
letters. Write the
sight words again
using big letters.
Write your sight
word using only
The Printable Princess
Sight Word List