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Operation of a Sidewalk Cafe is subject to the regulations found in Chapter 6.47 of the City of Grants Pass Municipal Code.
The conditions of the permit are outlined in Section 6.47.090 as provided below.
1. The permit issued shall be specific to the permittee and is not transferable in any manner.
2. The permit may be suspended temporarily by the Director if the public interest requires the use of the right of way
for a public event, construction, repair, or any other purpose.
3. The permit is specifically limited to the area approved or as modified by the Director or designee, and will include a
site plan showing the area approved for the sidewalk cafe and the location of the tables, chairs, and barrier (if
applicable) permitted in the right of way.
4. No items shall be permanently affixed or attached to the public right of way without prior approval of the Director,
after receiving recommendations on the appropriateness of the permanent barrier from the City Engineer.
5. A four (4) foot passageway shall be maintained at all times outside of the sidewalk cafe but within the sidewalk
6. All items shall be removed from the right of way after each season of operation.
7. Sidewalk cafe areas and the adjacent pedestrian area are required to be cleaned daily, or as required, by the
8. Tables, chairs and other structures associated with the sidewalk cafe shall be kept free of litter and other debris at all
times when not in use.
9. Permittee shall be responsible for supervision of the sidewalk cafe and compliance with permit conditions and
applicable law.
10. Tables, chairs and the barriers shall be made of durable materials and maintained in good condition at all times.
Vinyl and/or plastic seating and tables are not permitted.
11. Umbrellas over tables shall not extend beyond the sidewalk cafe area into the clear pedestrian area.
12. Permittee shall name the City as an additional insured on the insurance policy and shall not terminate or cancel the
policy without thirty (30) days written notice to the City.
13. Permittee agrees to waive any and all claims of action versus the City should the permit be suspended or revoked for
any purpose.
14. Signs may not be placed in any manner which would be in violation of section 9.21.047 E or any other provision of
this Code.
15. Amplified live music is not permitted within a sidewalk cafe.
Additional Criteria for Alcoholic Beverages
Establishments which intend to serve alcoholic beverages at the sidewalk cafe shall meet the following
additional requirements:
1. The business shall hold a valid Oregon Liquor Control Commission liquor license for indoor and
outdoor consumption.
2. Storage of containers commonly used for dispensing alcoholic beverages to customers, including but not
limited to, bottles, pitchers, and carafes must be kept inside the business. No taps, kegs, coolers, or
other alcoholic beverage storage devices are allowed outside on the sidewalk.
3. All alcoholic beverage service providers must also provide food service to the licensed area.
May 2018