Application Form for Smart Export Guarantee
December 2019
The following application form is for our Smart Export Guarantee tariff.
So that we can pay you for your exported electricity, it’s important this application form is filled in
correctly and all the documentation is correct and complete.
Tick here if this is a new application for Smart Export Guarantee.
Tick here if this application is an extension of the same type of Micro-Generation.
Tick here if your application is to switch your SEG payments to E.ON from another Licensee.
Please send your completed application form to or post it to SEG
Application Team, E.ON Energy, Caxton Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK41 0EW.
If you have any questions, please take a look at the FAQs on (
guarantee) or call us on 0345 301 4884. Our opening hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
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Title Date of Birth
Landline telephone number
Mobile telephone number
(please put the
address where you’d
like your cheque to
be sent)
Email address
Company number
(if applicable)
VAT Registration number
(if applicable)
Section 1 | All about you (we need the details of the person who owns the generation equipment)
Section 2 | Generation site details
Please put the address where the generation unit is located.
If you don’t have a postal address for where the generation unit is, then please give us the Ordinance Survey grid reference (OS):
Section 3 | Your generation accreditation details – you must be accredited to receive SEG Payments.
Micro-Generation Certification Scheme Number
Or if you have a certificate from an equivalent scheme please specify below (e.g. ROOFIT):
M C S -
Section 4 | Your generation details – you can find this information on your MCS Certificate
What was the commissioning date of the system?
What is the Total Installed Capacity (TIC) in kilowatts (kW)?
What is the Declared Net Capacity (DNC) in kilowatts (kW)?
If these d
etails are
same as
complete below.
Company name
(if applicable)
First name
Last name
If you include a Company name, the cheque we send will be payable to that company.
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Tick here if you have bought your Solar Installation from E.ON since 1 January 2020.
Or if you have a certificate from an equivalent scheme please specify below (e.g. ROOFIT):Or if you have a certificate from an equivalent scheme please specify below (e.g. ROOFIT):
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Your SEG Plan
Your export meter readings or reminders
Your annual statement
Changes to your prices or terms and conditions
Any other useful information about your SEG account
We would like to send you marketing communications from time to time. To opt in, please tick the relevant boxes:
If you require communications in an alternative format, please let us know.
Please tick here to confirm that the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) has been notified of the generation installation details by
the company that installed your generation equipment. If you’re not sure, please contact your installer. We won't be able to
proceed with your SEG Application if this has not been done.
If you have Battery
Storage you’ll need to send us a Schematic Diagram (provided by your Battery Storage installer).
tricity stored in your battery from your generation unit only?
Section 5 | Your site’s electricity supply - these details can be found on your electricity bill
Who is your generation site’s supplier?
Please give your generation site’s electricity supply number (also known as a Meter Point Administration Number or MPAN):
You can find your electricity supply number on your bill, no matter who supplies you. If your electricity meter doesn’t record your export on a half-hourly
basis, you may need to arrange for the meter to be exchanged.
Where is your meter located?
Section 6 | Servicing Communications
Throughout the term of your tariff, we’ll email you about the following
Do you have a battery storage device connected to your generation unit?
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You need to include the following documents with your application. Please complete the checklist below to confirm we’ll have everything we need
A valid Micro-Generation Certification Scheme (MCS) certificate which must specify the address of your Generation Unit.
ID Please provide one form of ID. Examples could be: a current signed passport, a current UK or EEA photo card driving licence or a full old-
style driving licence. Other accepted forms of ID that we accept can be found on the website by searching for ‘proof of identity
Proof of address Please provide one form of proof of address. Examples of this could be: a Utility bill issued within the last three months, a
local authority council tax bill for the current council tax year or a statement from your Bank or Building Society. Other accepted forms of
proof of address that we accept can be found on the website by searching for proof of identity checklist’.
A photo of your meter – Your photo will need to clearly show both the Meter Serial Number and the export reading.
If your applicatio
n isn’t fully and correctly completed
, we might have to send it back to you which may delay registering you on the SEG Scheme.
If you have any questions, please take a look at the FAQs on
, email us at
call us on
0345 301 4884
. Our opening hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
I confirm that I am the owner of the generation equipment.
I give consent for E.ON to check the National Electricity Database to access my import and export electricity supplies’ full registration and
metering data.
Where applicable, I give consent for E.ON to collect half-hourly export data from my meter, each month.
A Battery Storage Schematic Diagram provided to you by your installer.
A Self-Billing Form If you are VAT registered we will send you this to complete.
If applicable, you may also need to provide:
Your confirmation
We need you to tick all three boxes in order for us to proceed with your SEG Application:
Your name