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This form is to be completed by the undergraduate student to make changes to or to declare their major, minor, option, or campus based
This form and the Catalog Declaration form must both be approved and submitted to add a degree pathway option not offered under
student’s eligible catalog.
Student athletes declaring or changing their major must obtain approval from the Athletics Academic Advisor.
After all necessary signatures are obtained; submit this form to the Office of the Registrar.
*Note: This form is not intended for the following students: graduate, unclassified (non-degree), changing from Pre-Nursing to Nursing or
Pre-Pharmacy to Pharmacy, or changing student level (undergraduate to graduate)
Change of Major Form
Revised 11/2018
SECTION I: Student Information
Student Name: ____________________________________________________ Student ID: ____________________________
Email Address: Phone: _________________________________
I have applied for graduation I am receiving Veteran Benefits I am a student athlete
Current Major(s) and Specialization(s): _______________________________________________________________________________
Current Minor(s) and Campus Based Certificate(s): _____________________________________________________________________
SECTION II: Changes/updates to program(s)
Only programs listed below will be indicated on your student record
BA Degree in (list major): ___________________________________________ Option: _________________________________
BBA Degree in (list major): __________________________________________ Option: _________________________________
BS Degree in (list major): ___________________________________________ Option: _________________________________
Minor: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Campus Based Certificate (list program): ___________________________________________________________________________
Student Signature: _________________________________________________________ Date: ____________________________
Initial: ______________ Date: _______________
Degree(s) __________ __________ __________
Major(s) __________ __________ __________
Specialization(s) __________ __________ __________
Minor(s) __________ __________ __________
Certificate(s) __________ __________ __________
Catalog __________ __________ __________
SGASADD ___________ __________ __________
SECTION III: Approval: Student athletes onlyAthletics Academic Approval
1. Student athletes changing their major(s) must obtain approval from the Athletics Academic Advisor in the Athletics Department.
___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ________ _________________________________
Printed Name of Athletics Academic Advisor Signature of Athletics Academic Advisor Date
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