(2020-2021 Academic Year)
2800 S Lone Tree Rd Flagstaff, AZ 86005-2701 PH: 928-226-4219 FAX: 928-226-4110
FA-301-SAPSEC 20200416
STEP 1: Read the CCC Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy
I have read the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.
STEP 2: Complete and check off requirements for a 2
I am pursuing a 2
degree at CCC in: and have declared this major with the Office of
the Registrar.
I have received an Associates or Bachelors degree. I have met with a CCC academic advisor (call 928-226-
4323 to make an appointment) to determine the courses required to complete my 2
I understand that I must have all official academic transcripts in, evaluated and applicable hours transferred in by
the Office of the Registrar prior to this appeal being reviewed.
I understand that I may be funded one time for the courses required for the second degree. This includes courses I
was funded for but did not complete.
I understand that I am responsible to ensure I am enrolling in the courses required for my 2
degree as listed on
DegreeWorks which is available through my Web4 account. I will not be funded for courses not required for my 2
degree at CCC.
I understand that if approved, I will not be funded to repeat courses previously taken at CCC or transferred in unless
approved by Director of the program for my 2
I understand that if I change from my approved 2
degree program, I will no longer be eligible for funding.
I give Financial Aid permission to access my academic records and to consult with my academic advisor(s) regarding
remaining required courses.
I understand that students who have a combination of two or more degrees, including Associates, Bachelors, Masters
or Doctoral degree have already completed at least two degrees, and do not qualify for financial aid at CCC.
STEP 4: Read and sign below:
It takes 10 working days for a decision. If a decision has not been made by the time classes begin, I must make payment arrangements
with the RES office or enroll in the college payment plan or I may be dropped from my classes. I certify that the information provided on
this form is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
II certify that information provided on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. Purposely giving false or
misleading information may result in a delay or denial of my federal financial aid and I may be fined up to $20,000, sent to prison or
both. I hereby provide consent for the use of electronic records and signatures on all financial aid documents. I understand that if I
choose to sign electronically, my electronic signature constitutes a binding contract and may not be denied legal effect, validity, or
enforceability solely because it is in electronic formr because an electronic signature or electronic record was used in its formation.
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