Please read these important notices prior
to the start of casting, rehearsals or production.
1. Policies, Employment & Payroll
A. Legal Requirements of Employers (applies to all productions)
It is the obligation of a SAG-AFTRA signatory to comply with all legal requirements for employment of
performers including, but not limited to, those pertaining to State and Federal Minimum Wage Laws and
B. Affirmative Action/Diversity Policy (applies to all productions)
Please give the following Affirmative Action/Diversity Policy every possible consideration in making your
casting decision.
SAG-AFTRA believes in equal employment opportunity for all its members; and that all of them have an
equal right to play any role. However, it further believes that people of color (e.g., Asian Pacific Islanders,
Latino/Hispanics, African Americans and Native American Indians), women, performers with disabilities and
senior performers have been historically underemployed within the motion picture industry.
SAG-AFTRA finds such a situation unacceptable and will bring to bear its resources of persuasion,
negotiation, association and such other actions as may be necessary to insure that these conditions do not
SAG-AFTRA, in its pursuit of greater and more meaningful opportunity and employment, demands that the
industry break with worn stereotypes and habits of thought and depict the full spectrum of the American
scene and the world as it really exists; a world which has people of color, women, people with disabilities
and seniors in every conceivable employment and social setting.
SAG-AFTRA, aware that we are dealing with the shaping of the viewing public’s attitudes as well as with
employment, will utilize all necessary channels to bring about accelerated employment of performers of
color, women, performers with disabilities and senior performers.
C. Anti-Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Policy (applies to all productions)
As you will note in reviewing SAG-AFTRA’s Policy Against Unlawful Discrimination & Harassment of
SAG-AFTRA Members that immediately follows, SAG-AFTRA has a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy against
discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, of its Members.
As a producer employing SAG-AFTRA members, and consistent with your existing duties under the
Collective Bargaining Agreement to which you are a signatory, we trust your company will comply with the
enclosed policy and will work with us to ensure that SAG-AFTRA members have the opportunity to work in
an environment that is free of unlawful discrimination and harassment.
We also trust that your company has its own policies prohibiting unlawful discrimination and harassment in
the workplace and that you take the enforcement of any such policies seriously.
Additionally, you should be aware that pursuant to SAG-AFTRA’s policies and protocols, we provide SAG-
AFTRA members a process for reporting any complaints of any unlawful discrimination or harassment while
working on any SAG-AFTRA signatory project. Please be assured that we take very seriously any and all
complaints received and must ensure that all complaints received are processed appropriately.
If a complaint appears to have merit, we will assist the Member in filing a formal claim and will immediately
inform the alleged offending producer and/or company of the claim. We will request that the
producer/company address the claim immediately. Under the requirements of both federal and state law,
Production Notices And Resources 9.2
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any producer/company receiving a claim of unlawful discrimination or harassment must investigate the
complaint immediately and take appropriate remedial and corrective action where it is determined that a
violation of policy or law has occurred.
Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your commitment to ensuring that SAG-AFTRA members
have the opportunity to work in a discrimination and harassment free work environment.
If you should have any questions about the enclosed policy or need any additional information or assistance,
please do not hesitate to contact SAG-AFTRA Affirmative Action and Diversity Department in Los Angeles at
323-549-6644, or in New York at 212-827-1542.
SAG-AFTRA is committed to ensuring that its Members have the opportunity to work on projects and in work
environments that are free of unlawful discrimination, harassment and any other form of inappropriate
workplace behavior. Consistent with this commitment, and in compliance with both federal and state laws,
SAG has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against the discrimination and harassment of its Members.
As to discrimination, SAG-AFTRA is committed to ensuring that its Members are not discriminated against
on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship,
age, marital status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, or any other
characteristic protected by state or federal laws.
Further, SAG-AFTRA is committed to ensuring its Members are not the victims of any form of unlawful
harassment, including sexual harassment or harassment based on any other characteristic protected by
state or federal anti-discrimination and harassment laws.
Consistent with SAG-AFTRA Collective Bargaining Agreements, this policy applies to all producers that
employ SAG-AFTRA Members, including their employees, agents, representatives, contractors,
subcontractors and vendors. All producers are expected to comply with SAG-AFTRAs anti-discrimination
and harassment policy and are expected to strictly enforce this policy on any project in which a SAG-AFTRA
Member is employed and/or engaged to provide services.
If a SAG-AFTRA Member believes that he or she has been the victim of unlawful discrimination or
harassment, he or she should immediately report the incident to SAG-AFTRA’s Affirmative Action/Diversity
Department at 1-800-724-0767. SAG-AFTRA takes all incidents of harassment and discrimination seriously.
Formal complaints filed with SAG-AFTRA shall be processed appropriately based on SAG-AFTRA’s internal
guidelines and policies.
D. Payroll Check Delivery (applies only to Ultra Low Budget and Modified Low Budget Agreements)
In accordance with Section 6 of the Ultra Low Budget Agreement, and Section 5(b) of the Modified Low
Budget Agreement, all payroll checks must be delivered to SAG-AFTRA by each Thursday for services
rendered up to and including the preceding Saturday.
2. Employment of Minors Child Labor Laws (applies to all productions)
Please review the following Summary Chart for guidelines on the employment of minors in the
entertainment industry, which is prepared by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and is
subject to change without notice.
Production Notices And Resources 9.2
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15 days
20 minutes work activity Permits to work and employ required. [8 CCR 11751]
2 hrs. max at employment site Parent or guardian must be present. [8 CCR 11757]
6 months
1 studio teacher and 1 nurse must be present for each 3 or
fewer infants 15 days to 6 weeks old. [8 CCR 11760,
1 studio teacher and 1 nurse must be present for each 10
or fewer infants 6 weeks to months old. [8 CCR 11760,
May not be exposed to light exceeding 100 footcandles for
more than 30 seconds. [8 CCR 11760]
May only be employed between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. or between
2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. [8 CCR 11764].
6 months
2 hours work activity
4 hours max at employment site
Permits to work and employ required unless the minor is a
high school graduate or equivalent. [8 CCR 11751]
2 years
Balance for rest and recreation
High School graduates may be employed as adults.
May only be employed between 5 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. [LC 1308.7]
Parent or guardian must be present. [8 CCR 11757]
2 years
Studio teacher must be present. [8 CCR 11751.1]
3 hours work activity
6 years
6 hours max at employment site
1 studio teacher required per 10 minors. [8 CCR 11755.1]
May only be employed between 5 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. [LC 1308.7]
1 studio teacher per 20 minors on weekends, holidays, and
school breaks and vacations. [8 CCR 11755.1]
6 years
4 hours work activity 6 hours work activity
Studio teachers are responsible for the health, safety, and
morals of the minor. [8CCR 11755.2]
3 hours school 1 hour rest and recreation
9 years
1 hour rest and recreation
8 hrs. max at employment site
May only be employed between 5 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. (to 10 p.m.
preceding schooldays > 4 hours).[LC 1308.7]
Minors in grades one through six must be tutored between
the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Minors in grades seven
through twelve must be tutored between the hours of 7 a.m.
and 7 p.m. [EC 48225.5]
9 years
5 hours work activity
Permits to work and employ required unless a high school
graduate or equivalent. High school graduates may be
employed as adults.
3 hours school
16 years
1 hour rest and recreation
9 hrs. max at employment site
May only be employed between 5 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. (to 10 p.m.
preceding schooldays > 4 hours).[LC 1308.7]
16 years
6 hours work activity
Studio teacher need only be present for minors' schooling
3 hours school
if minor still required to attend school.
18 years
1 hour rest and recreation
10 hrs. max at employment
May only be employed between 5 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. (to 10 p.m.
preceding schooldays > 4 hours).[LC 1308.7]
Regular School
Attendance and
Work Hours
Compute work hours for each age group by subtracting 6 hours from the max time at employment site for tutored minors when
school in session. The difference is the maximum work hours for these minors. Thus, 9 to16 year-olds who attend regular
school may only work up to 3 hours on a schoolday. The 1 hour of rest and recreation is not required, but the workday may be
extended one-half hour by a meal period. No work permitted during regular school hours. Exception: Minors 14 and over may
work up to 8 hours during regular school hours for each of 2 consecutive days if excused with the school's written permission.
[8 CCR 11760]
No minor may be employed over 8 hours in a day. [LC 1308.7, 1392] or over 48 hours in a week. [LC 1308.7] No exceptions.
Meal Periods
Meal periods are not work time. Workdays extended up to one-half hour for a meal period. [8 CCR 11761] Meals must be
within 6 hours of call time and/or previous meal period. Teachers may require an earlier meal period.
Travel Time
Travel between studio and location is work time. Up to 45 minutes travel from on-location, overnight lodging to work site is not
generally considered work time. Travel between school or home and studio is not work time. [8 CCR11759]
Day's End 12 hours must elapse between dismissal and next day's call time. No exceptions. [8 CCR11760]
Make-up in minor's home by persons employed on the same project is work time, and may not begin before 8:30 a.m. 12
hours must elapse between dismissal and the beginning of the next day's make-up/hairdressing. [8 CCR 11763]
Off Set
Out of State
California employers who employ resident minors outside of California under contractual arrangements made within California,
must comply with all California child labor laws and regulations. [8 CCR 11756].
Note: Daily work and school hour schedules for tutored minors of all age groups are provided in 8 CCR 11760.
Production Notices And Resources 9.2
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Whenever you plan to employ minors in your production, you must first contact the Division of Labor
Standards Enforcement of the Office of the Labor Commissioner, the state agency established to enforce
child labor laws to be sure that you comply with all the laws governing the employment of minors.
CONTACT: Los Angeles office
Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
320 West 4th Street, Room 450
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 620-6330
Van Nuys office
Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
6150 Van Nuys Blvd., Room 100
Van Nuys, CA 91401
(818) 901-5315
Or contact the applicable State Labor Commissioner’s District Office. For a list of district offices please visit
For a detailed overview of California labor laws governing the employment of minors in the entertainment
industry, go to
Be advised that, in Theatrical and Television productions, pursuant to Section 50.B of the Basic Agreement,
“…when minors are employed in the State of California or taken from the State of California pursuant to a
contractual arrangement made in the State of California, the applicable California laws and regulations shall
regulate such employment.”
3. Safety Bulletins (applies to all productions)
The latest Safety Bulletins containing procedures for work on a film or television production may be accessed at
the Contract Services Administration Trust Fund website
, or at These guidelines are recommended by the Industry Wide Labor-Management Safety
Committee and should not be considered to be binding laws or regulations. However, State, Federal and/or local
regulations apply and would supersede the guidelines. Additionally, each SAG-AFTRA collective bargaining
agreement contains provisions concerning safety issues that impact performers.
If any safety issue should occur, please report it to SAG-AFTRA Stunt & Safety Department at (323) 549-6855.
After business hours and on weekends, you may contact SAG-AFTRA at (323) 954-1600. In the event that you
are working in another state, you may contact one of the local SAG-AFTRA offices listed at
Please join us in ensuring that safety remains the highest priority when working on any production.
4. Title Changes (applies to all productions)
In order to prevent any possible confusion, please promptly inform SAG-AFTRA of any changes to the title of the
5. Screen Credits (applies to Television productions)
Section 54 (a) (1) of the Television Agreement (“Screen Credits and Billing”) requires that all on-screen
performers’ credits “shall be in a readily readable color, size and speed.”
In the past, several Producers of episodic television had been cited for violations of this provision. The majority
of citations related to the speed at which the credits were displayed. At a meeting of the Alliance of Motion
Production Notices And Resources 9.2
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Picture and Television Producers, specific time standards were established with respect to the “speed” at which
credits were to be exhibited. Those time standards are as follows:
Number of Names on Card Minimum Time Period Card Must be Shown
1 Name 1.0 Second
2 Names 1.5 Seconds
3 Names 2.0 Seconds
4-5 Names 2.5 Seconds
6 Names 3.0 Seconds
Please advise persons in your company who have the responsibility to prepare credits, of the provisions
referenced herein.
If you have any questions, please contact the Theatrical & Television Contracts Department at (323) 549-6835,
and ask to speak to a business representative.
6. Production Resources
A. SAGIndie (applies only to Low Budget, Modified Low Budget, Ultra Low Budget, Student and Short Film
Theatrical productions)
SAGIndie, the outreach program for independent producers, has a Casting Breakdown service for actors
and filmmakers. Housed at, the free service allows SAG-AFTRA actors direct access to
your breakdowns.
How does it work? features information about SAG-AFTRA’s Low Budget contracts. It also serves as a valuable
resource for both filmmakers and actors alike. By posting your Casting Breakdown on our site you’re
increasing the probability of finding that perfect actor for your next film.
How do I submit my breakdown?
After logging onto, you’ll see an icon for filmmakers to POST A CASTING
CALL/BREAKDOWN. Click through to the submission form and be ready to provide the following
Name of production
Signatory producer/production company
Type of SAG-AFTRA contract, even if pending
Your SAG-AFTRA production number
The name of your SAG-AFTRA business rep
The location of your production
A brief description of the film
A brief description of the roles being cast
Contact information for actor submissions
Date of submission deadline
Then what happens?
After the staff at SAGIndie confirms that your breakdown meets the guidelines, it will be posted on the site
usually within 48 hours. Your breakdown will be automatically removed from the site on the date of your
submission deadline. If you determine that you need to cast additional roles after your submission
deadline expires, you have to resubmit your breakdown.
Can anyone post breakdowns?
SAGIndie reserves the right to make sure you’re legit. Only productions that have signed to a SAG-AFTRA
Agreement (or have started the signatory process) will be able to submit casting breakdowns.
Production Notices And Resources 9.2
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What are the costs involved with using SAGIndie’s Casting Breakdown service?
It’s free! But only because SAGIndie loves you.
Is there anything else I can do?
SAGIndie highly recommends that you don’t put all your eggs in one casting basket. In addition to the
SAGIndie Casting Breakdown Service you should also be utilizing other online casting tools, such as
iACTOR, to give you the best opportunity to find that perfect actor for your film.
What if I need additional help?
Just give SAGIndie a ring at 323-549-6064. * *
5757 Wilshire Boulevard * Los Angeles, CA 90036
main 323.549.6064 * fax 323.549.6082
B. iActor (applies to all productions)
The iActor Online Casting service provides a free, easy-to-use database of members to qualified casting
professionals. If you are casting for a signatory production, please fill out the iActor form at the end of this
Notices & Resources document to apply for an iActor casting account.
C. Actors To Locate (applies to all productions)
Looking for Actors to cast in your projects? Did you know that we have created a 1-800 “Actors to Locate
service designed to facilitate contact between performers and the producers/casting directors/industry
professionals across the United States seeking to employ them? That number is:
Through this no cost service, potential employers have easy access to an actor’s professional contact
information for employment purposes only. This service is not available for fan-based inquiries.
The 1-800 “Actors to Locate” service (with expanded hours) is available at staggered intervals, depending on
your geographic location. Please take note of the attached legend for your convenience.
Hawaii Standard Time: 7:00 a.m.3:30 p.m.
Please note: For East Coast participants: If you are an East Coast caller, and are unable to access the 1-800
number during normal business hours, you may dial 212-827-1444 in case of emergency only. Regular
East Coast Agency inquiries, not dealing with “Actors to Locate” matters, can still be directed to 212-827-
In addition, professional casting directors are reminded of their ability to register for the 24/7, on-line version
of “Actors to Locate,” accessible through the iActor program. You can sign up for this service by calling
Pacific Standard Time: 9:00 a.m.
5:30 p.m.
(includes California, Nevada,
Oregon, Arizona)
Eastern Standard Time: 12:00 p.m. 8:30 p.m.
(includes New York, Michigan, Florida
Philadelphia, etc.)
Central Standard Time: 11:00 a.m.
7:30 p.m.
(includes Texas, Illinois, etc.)
Mountain Standard Time: 10:00 a.m. 6:30 p.m.
(includes Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, etc.)
Production Notices And Resources 9.2
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iActor Services at 323-549-6451. For normal agency inquiries, please contact the Hollywood or New York
Agency Departments at 323-549-6745 or 212-827-1438, respectively, should you have any questions.
Enjoy the service!
7. Post Production
A. Music Cue Sheet Submission (applies to all Theatrical & Television productions)
Music cue sheets must be submitted to SAG-AFTRA upon completion of post-production.
B. Spanish Language Dubbing (applies to Theatrical, Television, Basic Cable Live Action, Low Budget and
Modified Low Budget productions)
Reference is made to Section 57 of the current Basic Agreement and to Section 18, paragraph (b) (8) of the
current Television Agreement.
Subject to the qualifications, conditions and the limitations set forth in each such paragraph, the signatories
to the Basic Agreement and Television Agreement have agreed that, as to theatrical motion pictures,
dubbing performers shall be accorded substantially equivalent economic terms to those provided in the
SAG-AFTRA Modification (Dubbing) Agreement (“Dubbing Agreement”) and, with respect to television
motion pictures, dubbing will be subject to rates (including payments for rights to free non-network television
exhibition) and conditions not less favorable than those provided under the Dubbing Agreement.
In the interest of encouraging greater domestic employment in the field of Spanish Language dubbing, SAG-
AFTRA has established modified terms and conditions governing the employment of performers to dub
covered productions into the Spanish language. In this regard, the Spanish Language Modification
Dubbing Agreement 1 21 is included in the signatory zip file of each production type referenced above.
Notwithstanding the fact that such agreement is more favorable to the employer than is the Dubbing
Agreement referenced in the Basic Agreement and Television Agreement the application of the terms of this
agreement shall be deemed compliant with the requirements of Section 57 (Basic) and Section 18 paragraph
(b) (8) (Television) with respect only to dubbing into the Spanish language. There is no modification in the
terms and conditions applicable to dubbing into any other foreign language.
C. SAG-AFTRA Logo (applies to all Theatrical & Television productions)
SAG-AFTRA contracts require that the SAG-AFTRA logo appear in the end credits. A graphic file of the logo
is available from your SAG-AFTRA Business Representative.
Production Notices And Resources 9.2
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The iActor Online Casting service provides a free, easytouse database of SAGAFTRA members to qualified casting professionals and
industry professionals in a position to hire our members for work opportunities. If you are casting for a SAGAFTRA signatory
project, please fill out the information below to apply for an iActor casting account.
iActor Casting Access Request Form
Company Name
Street Address
Postal Code
Email address
Other ____________________________
Signatory InformationCurrently casting for:
Production Title:
Production/SIG. IDN :
Projects in Development:
Is your project still in development? Provide as much information as possible in the box below about your project in order to gain a
temporary iActor ID.
Additional Users: Please limit requests only to staff. Business contact details must match information stated above. Each person
within an organization requires a separate iActor ID.
Other Users:
Please describe the nature of your request below.
Return To:
Fax: 323-549-6445
Mail: SAG-AFTRA, Attn. iActor, 5757 Wilshire Blvd, 7
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Please allow 7-10 business days to process your request.
Staff Only
Date Processed
**For emergency access or more general questions,
please call: 323-549-6451
Rev 5.2013
iActor Notice 9.19
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