External Math & English Coursework Evaluation Form
Updated TEO: 8/15/19
Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: _______________________
How to submit Your Request Form:
Online (recommended): Upload your document to ShareFile (PDF or photo preferred. DO NOT submit transcripts
to ShareFile or the TEO email address. See instructions under STEP 4).
In person: Admissions & Records Office - Student Services Building
Building hours: Mon & Thurs: 8am-4pm, Tues & Wed: 8am-6:00pm, Fri: 8-1pm
By mail: SBCC Transcript Evaluation Office, 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93109
Decisions: Notifications will be emailed to your SBCC Pipeline account.
: Approved
: Denied _____________________________ Banner Entry Date: _________________________ By: ___________
Code(s): ______________________________________________ Override: _________ Course(s): ______________________________
Notes: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
I need my college transcripts reviewed to clear an assessment hold for math and/or English.
I need my high school transcripts reviewed toward the math competency AA/AS graduation requirement (Area E-1).
I have a Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution.
STEP 1: Review the form instructions: sbcc.edu/teo/mathenglishform.php
STEP 2: Enter Your Student Information.
Student Name: ________________________________________ SBCC ID Number:K_________________________
Today’s Date: ______/______/_______ Phone: (______) ________-____________
SBCC Pipeline Email address: _________________________________________ @pipeline.sbcc.edu
STEP 3: Complete the following:
Enter your major: ___________________________________________________
STEP 4: Enter the date your official transcripts were received by SBCC.
Your official transcripts must be on file with Admissions and Records or your request will not be processed.
How to submit you transcripts: http://www.sbcc.edu/transcripts/incomingtranscripts
Verify your transcripts were received: http://www.sbcc.edu/admissions/files/IncomingTranscriptsReceived.pdf
Date your official transcripts were received by Admissions and Records:
STEP 5: Enter your math and/or English coursework (College level courses: Grade of C, Pass or Credit where Pass and
Credit are a C/2.0 or above. High school level math: grade of C- or above required).
MATH: School:____________________________ Course Number:______________ Term Completed:______________
ENGLISH: School:____________________________ Course Number:______________ Term Completed:______________
Check all that apply (leave blank if none):
6 (OPTIONAL): If you have documentation other than transcripts, such as AP scores, course syllabi, or course
outlines, please attach the documents to this form. If you only have official transcripts, skip to STEP 7.
STEP 7: Sign and Submit.
With my signature and submission of this form, I acknowledge the following:
I have read and understand the information linked in Step 1 above.
I must check my SBCC Pipeline email account for notifications regarding my request.
My external coursework is only evaluated toward SBCC subject and/or unit credit and/or for satisfaction of pre/
corequisites. Other institutions are not obligated to accept SBCC subject or unit evaluations of external coursework.
(College only)