Please print in black ink.
Last Name First Name MI
JCCC ID # Daytime Phone No.
(xxx - xxx - xxxx)
Deadlines to submit appeal: Fall – Nov. 1; Spring – April 1; Summer – July 1
If you are on Academic Suspension at JCCC, or are in default on a prior federal student loan, you are not eligible to submit this
appeal until your suspension has been resolved and you are no longer in default.
The following must also be completed before your appeal request can be reviewed:
File your FAFSA at
Complete the Financial Aid Student Information Form found under your Financial Aid requirements in your MyJCCC account.
Allow 4-6 weeks for review. You will be notified by mail, to your address on file, of the committee’s decision.
If approved, your file will be reviewed for awarding once all remaining requirements are complete. If denied, you will be
financially responsible for charges on your account.
Step 1: Print your Academic Progress status
1. Log in to MyJCCC by entering your JCCC username and password.
2. Select the My Financial Aid tab.
3. Select the Satisfactory Academic Progress link.
Step 2: Please explain and document the extenuating circumstances that have contributed to your inability to meet SAP
requirements, addressing EACH semester in which you failed or dropped classes, or if you have exceeded 150% of the published
length of your degree/certificate. Your written statement must address how the issue(s) that impacted your ability to meet SAP
standards have been resolved. You must also sign your statement.
Check all that apply below:
Health issue(s) experienced by yourself or immediate family member. Attach supporting medical documentation that
explains the nature and dates of the health issue(s).
Death of an immediate family member. Attach a photocopy of the death certificate or obituary. State the relationship of the
deceased to you.
Significant trauma in your life that impaired your emotional and/or physical health. Provide a detailed explanation regarding
the specific circumstances that occurred. Include dates and what you have done to overcome these challenges. Supporting
documentation from a third-party source (e.g., physician, social worker, therapist, police, courts, etc.) must be attached.
Other unexpected circumstances beyond your control. Please explain in detail the nature and dates of the unexpected
circumstances. Supporting documentation must be provided.
Other circumstances that caused you to exceed your maximum time frame for your program. This means you may have
attempted more than 150% of the required number of credit hours for your degree/certificate (e.g., prior degree, change of
major, career change, etc.).
It is assumed by the financial aid appeal review committee that any student filing an appeal is doing so based on the need
for financial aid. Therefore, do not discuss your need for financial aid as part of your rationale for reinstatement of federal
financial aid.
SAPAPL (5/19)
Financial Aid Office
Last Name First Name MI
Step 3: Collect the following prior to Step 4 (Meeting with a Counselor):
Completed and signed SAP Appeal form.
Written/typed and signed explanation.
Supporting documentation (i.e., medical documentation, obituary, police report, etc.).
Attach current DegreeCheck audit for each program of study.
Step 4: Meet with an Academic Counselor and complete an academic program plan. Be prepared to discuss all of your future
semesters at JCCC and plan out your classes for the remainder of your degree requirements. Visit to view
hours for walk-in and appointment times or call 913-469-3809. Plan ahead to make your appointment.
Student will finish at JCCC _______________________________________, with ______________________________________.
semester and year degree/major
________________________________________ __________________________ ________________________
Counselor Signature* Extension Date
Step 5: Student Acknowledgement – read and check each acknowledgement:
I understand I am only allowed one satisfactory academic progress (SAP) appeal at JCCC.
I understand an incomplete SAP appeal may be denied.
I further understand this appeal may be approved or denied and that the appeal committee’s decision is final.
If my appeal is approved, I must complete at least 67% of attempted credit hours and maintain a minimum 2.0 JCCC GPA
each semester.
I understand if approved, I will only receive financial aid through the semester and year listed above.
I understand that financial aid will only pay for courses required for my program of study.
________________________________________ ___________________
Student Signature* Date
*Electronic signatures will not be accepted.
Step 6: Return this form and all documentation to the Financial Aid Office.
Please return this form and
requested documentation to:
Johnson County Community College
Financial Aid Office, Box 50
12345 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS 66210-1299
Fax: 913-469-2310
SAPAPL (5/19)