SAP Appeal Certification Response
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Student Name
Appeal approved on:
based on:
Read and check each item on the list below. Then return this document to the Enrollment Services
office. Your financial aid will not be reinstated until this signed agreement is returned.
I understand my progress will be reviewed at the end of each semester.
I will complete at least 75% of the classes I attempt each semester.
I will follow the course schedule as outlined on the SAP Academic Plan.
I understand a new SAP Academic Plan must be submitted and approved BEFORE the semester
begins, if any changes are needed, to my Student Finance Counselor.
I have read and understand the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy as outlined in the current
I understand that failure to meet the above requirements means I will no longer be eligible to
receive financial aid until I can meet the standard SAP requirements while not receiving financial
Student’s Signature Date:
Enrollment Services Office
Southern Adventist University: PO Box 370, Collegedale TN 37315
1.800.SOUTHERN or 423.236.2835 Fax: 423.236.1894 Email:
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