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Excessive Units (E2-No Ed Plan) Notification
You were notified in a previous semester that your attempted units are in excess of what is required to complete a Community College Academic Program. To maintain
future financial aid eligibility at Santa Ana College, you are required to submit a copy of your Comprehensive Educational Plan detailing the courses that have been
completed, are in progress, and are still needed for your educational goal. Without a Comprehensive Educational Plan, we won’t be able to confirm your enrollment in
classes necessary to achieve your educational goal at Santa Ana College. As of today, we have not received a copy of your Educational Plan; therefore, we won’t be able
to process any future Federal Financial Aid for you. If you are currently enrolled this semester, immediately complete the table at the bottom, attach your
Comprehensive Educational Plan, and turn them in to the Financial Aid Office so that your Financial Aid can be processed.
Please review the following:
You are ineligible for financial aid starting Summer 2020 semester.
You are obligated to meet with an academic counselor and obtain a Comprehensive Educational Plan for your Educational Goal at Santa Ana College.
You must submit a copy of your Comprehensive Educational Plan to Santa Ana College Financial Aid Office immediately.
You must follow your Educational Plan when enrolling in courses.
It is your responsibility to adhere to your Educational Plan to complete your plan within the maximum time frame of 90 attempted units. Failure to do so will
result in no federal financial aid disbursement.
You must maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 2.0.
You must maintain at least 66.5% completion rate of all units attempted.
Upon attempting 90 units, your financial aid will be terminated. You will be notified that you may appeal for exceeding maximum time frame if you haven’t
completed your educational plan by then. Your appeal will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeal Committee. On case by case basis, the Appeal Committee
will make decisions if you can continue to receive additional financial aid. The Appeal Committee’s decision is final.
I am currently enrolled in (check one only): Summer 2020 Fall 2020
List courses you are enrolled in this semester: Is the course listed on your Ed Plan
Course Name Course Title Units as Major, General Ed, or Prerequisite?
If the course is not on your educational plan, please explain:
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