Funds must be deposited to the Accounting Office in K-205 by the next business day after the event.
Today's Date:_________________________
Deposit made by: _______________________ Club Name:_________________________
Email address: Phone #:
Record the cash and check components of your deposit according to their source:
8887 8899 8885 8899
Vendor Fees Donations Membership Dues Special Activity* Total
CASH: + + + =
CHECKS: + + + =
Deposit Total:
Date event was held:
*Authorization of Special Activity must be attached to this form.
**Student organizations are subject to a $25.00 charge for each check returned by our bank as uncollectible.
Deposit Description (explanation of where the funds are coming from):
Signature of AS/Club Officer:
Signature of Advisor:
Registered student organizations may raise funds to support their activities subject to the provisions outlined
in Manual 3200 . Organizations are required to have a account maintained by the campus Accounting Office.
Funds shall not be deposited in personal bank accounts of any student and/or advisor for any reason and
shall not be expended for personal benefit of any kind. Violations of the rules and regulations governing
fundraising activities are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the district Board of Trustees Policy
Associated Students Organization & Student Clubs
Deposit Form
BP 3100. Student organizations must maintain records of sales transactions for audit purposes.