Human Resources Department
Student Employment Form
This form should be completed by the hiring department.
Student Employee’s Name: ______________________________________ SUID: _________________________
Department: ______________________________________ Supervisor: ______________________________
TCP Approval Managers: _______________________________________________________________________
Date to report to work: _____________ Pay Rate $ _________ per hour (
federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour)
Job Description: Clerical Other (Explain)
Assignment will end on _______________
Assignment will remain active until Payroll is notified by the department of a change.
Please check one option: Use department funding for this position.
Use grant funding for this position.
Position requires federal work study funding.
Use federal work study funds if available, if not use department funding.
Required for form to be processed.
Index: _____________ Fund: ___________ Org: ___________ Acct: 612000 Prog: _________ Actv:______
I will not allow a student to work without seeing their Student Employment Authorization Card.
I understand that if a student employee earning federal work study funds exceeds authorized earnings, any
overage will be charged to the department budget.
As a supervisor of student employees, I have read the
Student Employment Guidelines
Supervisor signature ______________________________________ Date _____________________
Print Supervisor Name SU ID
Budget Head Signature Date _____________________
Print Budget Head Name SU ID
The Payroll Office should be notified of any changes on the Student Change of Status Form.
For Payroll Use Only Payroll Forms _________
The above named student has been determined to be eligible for employment.
_____ Institutional Student Payroll (paid by dept./grant) Position _________________________
_____ Federal Work Study/FWSCS Total Work Study Funds Authorized _________________________
______ RJASEAR _______ TCP P/R __________ Date Processed _______________
Student Employment Guidelines
I. Students may not begin working until all employment paperwork is completed and they have received a
Student Employment Authorization Card
from the Human Resources department
instructions and a video tutorial are available on the website
to guide the student through completing the
required paperwork. (
I. International students should contact the Global Engagement Office at or
205.726.2741 regarding federal regulations for on-campus employment. If they are given authorization to
work on campus, they should send an email to with the name of the supervisor
and/or department where they’ve been hired before completing Step I.
III. Student employees will set a work schedule with their supervisor that is based on departmental need
and the student’s availability. However, student employees should not work more than 20 hours in a week
when classes are in session and no more than 27 and a half hours in a week when they are not in class. If
a student employee has more than one job on Samford’s payroll, including a FWS Community Service job,
they should not work more than the maximum hours allowed per week in total.
IV. TimeClock Plus (TCP)
A. Once all employment paperwork is completed by the student and the supervisor, the student
employee will be set up in Banner and TimeClock Plus. Supervisors should instruct student
employees how and by which method to use TCP for that job. TimeClock Plus instructions are
available on the website.
B. Each time a student employee works they should do the following:
Clock in using TCP each time they start work
Clock out using TCP each time they stop work
Approve all time worked through TCP daily if no edits are required
Add a note for any missed punch or edit needed and notify your supervisor
C. Student employee and supervisor approval is required in TCP by the payroll deadline which can
be found on the Payroll Schedule
on the website.
D. Accurately recording time worked and approving it in a timely manner are part of the
requirements of continued employment.
VI. Student employees are paid biweekly. Paychecks can be picked up in the Bursar’s Office with a picture
ID. If a student employee has direct deposit, an electronic pay stub will be sent to their SU email account.
A payroll schedule with TimeClock Plus due dates and pay dates is available on the website.
VII. Federal Work Study
For students who have been awarded Federal Work Study (FWS) funds, the award amount will be listed on
the approved copy of the Student Employment Form when it is returned to the department. It is the
responsibility of the student employee and supervisor to monitor the award, earnings and
remaining balance to avoid unintentionally exceeding the award amount. This information is
available to the student employee on the SU Portal. If a student exceeds the FWS award, the overage will
be charged to the department budget. Remember that due to additional financial aid which may be
received, a student’s FWS award may be revised. If this happens, the student employee should notify the
supervisor(s) and, if necessary, their work schedule should be modified.