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Audit Student Guidelines
(from the Samford University Catalog)
Audit Status
As an alternative to full participation in a credit course, students may audit the course. Audit students do not receive grades and do
not usually participate in examinations; however, instructors have the option of establishing requirements for a satisfactory audit.
Students are not permitted to audit courses numbered above 400-level.
1. Audit as Credit Student – Students choosing this option must be admitted to Samford either as a Regular or Special
Status Student. Students should enroll in the course to be audited using registration procedures and paying the same tuition as
regular enrollees. Provided the instructor’s requirements are met, the course will appear on the credit transcript with the
notation AU and zero credits. If these requirements are not met, a W will be entered on the transcript.
2. From a Grading/Credit Basis to an Audit Basis – A student can change from a grading basis to an audit basis any time
prior to the deadline for withdrawing from a class without academic penalty. There will be no financial refunds made as a
result of change in grading basis.
3. From an Audit Basis to a Grading/Credit Basis – An audit student may not receive regular credit for a course begun as
an audit, unless the change is made by the last day to add a course for the semester or term.
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