Last Updated: April 2018
S Practicum Approval Form (ISOM 560 or ISOM 520)
If you need assistance finding an IS Practicum or need additional information, contact the IS Practicum Coordinator
– Professor Laurie Zouharis,
1. Fill out this form
2. Send an email with the subject IS Practicum to
with the following:
- this form
- job description
- your resume
3. After the material is submitted, you will be contacted by the IS Practicum Coordinator with an approved form
or a request for additional information. After approval, the registrar to be notified to register you in ISOM
560/520. You will not be able to register for ISOM 560 or ISOM 520 using MySuffolk.
It is the student's responsibility to:
Find the professional information systems positi
btain prior approval for your professional experience positio
og your activities and accomplishments during your positio
btain a letter from your employer that includes the necessary information
Date: Student ID: ____________________________________
Student Name:
Student Expected Graduation Date:
Student Suffolk Email:
ISOM Faculty Advisor:
ISOM 560 _______ or ISOM 520* _______
Organization Name:
Organization Address:
Supervisor’s Name:
Supervisor’s Phone: Supervisor’s email:
Internship Job Title:
Internship Job Responsibilities:
Total Expected Hours at Internship: Internship Expected Date of Completion:
After Approval of your Practicum, the registrar will be notified and you will be registered for ISOM 560/520.
What semester would you like to be officially enrolled in ISOM 560/520?
ISOM Practicum Coordinator Approval
Signature: Date:
*ISOM 520 is a 3-credit graded course and may increase your tuition.
Each student with the IS Practicum Coordinator will develop the grading criteria for ISOM 520.
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Last Updated: April 2018
Post-Practicum Paperwork
Upon completion of the practicum or before the end of the semester, a letter from your employer is
needed. (If more than one job is used to satisfy this requirement, a letter is required from each employer.)
The letter should be on company letterhead. This letter must include:
Description of the position including tasks, skills acquired, primary accomplishments and other
pertinent information
A statement that the student has worked over 150 hours or the number of hours the student has
worked in the information technology or information systems related position
Evaluation of the student’s performance
Student’s supervisor’s email and telephone number for verification purposes.
In addition to the employer’s letter, each student needs to submit (via email) their answer to the following
What were your primary activities?
What were your major accomplishments?
What did you learn during and from your practicum?
This letter can be mailed, faxed to (617) 994-4228, or emailed to The letter should be
addressed to:
ISOM Department
ATTN: Practical Experience Coordinator
Sawyer Business School
Suffolk University
8 Ashburton Place
Boston, MA, 02108