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WV Bureau for Behavioral Health
Announcement of Funding Availability (AFA) Proposal Template
AFA Number
AFA Title
Total Amount of Funding Requested
Applicant Organization Name
Applicant Organization Contact Information
Address (Line Two)
West Virginia
Phone Number
Fax Number
Web Address
Name of Applicant Organization Director
Phone Number
E-mail Address
Name of Applicant Organization Chief Fiscal Officer/Financial Director
Phone Number
E-mail Address
Name of Project Officer / Lead Contact (Name & Title)
Phone Number
E-mail Address
Required Documents
Project Narrative
Attachment 3: Letters of Support
Attachment 1: Targeted Funding Budget
and Budget Narrative
Proposal Statement of Assurance
Attachment 2: Valid WV Business License
Attachment 4: Site Plans and/or Construction Drawings
Attachment 5: Verification of Match
Attachment 6: Attestation Letter for Life and Safety
Assessment and WVARR Certification
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