Attention School Authorities: This form must be signed yearly by both the student and parent/guardian and be
on file at your school before the student may participate in any practice session, scrimmage, or contest. A copy
of the student’s medical history and physical examination form signed by a physician or medical history form
signed by a parent must also be on file at your school.
Student’s Name _______________________________________________Date of Birth ________________
Current School _______________________________________________
Parent or Guardian’s Permit
Furthermore, as a condition of participation and for the purpose of ensuring compliance with University Interscholastic League
(UIL) rules, I consent to the disclosure of personally identifiable information, including information that may be subject to the
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), regarding the above named student between and among the following: the
high school or middle school where the student currently attends or has attended; any school the student transfers to; the relevant
District Executive Committee and the UIL. I further understand that all information relevant to the student’s UIL eligibility and
compliance with other UIL rules may be discussed and considered in a public forum. I acknowledge that revocation of this consent
must be in writing and delivered to the student’s school and the UIL.
It is understood that even though protective equipment is worn by the athlete whenever needed, the possibility of an accident still
remains. Neither the University Interscholastic League nor the high school assumes any responsibility in case an accident occurs.
I have read and understand the University Interscholastic League rules on the reverse side of this form and agree that my son/
daughter will abide by all of the University Interscholastic League rules.
The undersigned agrees to be responsible for the safe return of all athletic equipment issued by the school to the above named
If, in the judgement of any representatives of the school, the above student needs immediate care and treatment as a result of any
injury or sickness, I do hereby request, authorize, and consent to such care and treatment as may be given to said student by any
physician, licensed athletic trainer, nurse, hospital, or school representative; and I do hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless
the school and any school representative from any claim by any person whomsoever on account of such care and treatment of said
I have been provided the UIL Parent Information Manual regarding health and safety issues including concussions and my
responsibilities as a parent/guardian. I understand that failure to provide accurate and truthful information on UIL forms could subject
the student in question to penalties determined by the UIL.
The UIL Parent Information Manual is located at
Your signature below gives authorization that is necessary for the school district, its licensed athletic trainers, coaches, associated
physicians andstudent insurance personnel to share information concerning medical diagnosis and treatment for your student.
To the Parent: Check any activity in which this student is allowed to participate.
Baseball Football Softball Tennis
Basketball Golf Swimming & Diving Track & Field
Cross Country Soccer Team Tennis Volleyball
Signature of parent or guardian__________________________________
Street address________________________________________________
City________________________ State _______________ Zip ______________
Home Phone ________________________ Business Phone ________________________
I hereby give my consent for the above student to compete in University Interscholastic League approved sports, and travel with
the coach or other representative of the school on any trips.
School coaches may not:
Transport, register, or instruct students in grades 7-12 from their attendance zone in non-school baseball, basketball,
football, soccer, softball, or volleyball camps (exception: See Section 1209 of the Constitution and Contest Rules).
Give any instruction or schedule any practice for an individual or a team during the off-season except during the one
in school day athleticperiod in baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, or volleyball
Schools and school booster clubs may not provide funds, fees, or transportation for non-school activities.
According to UIL standards, students could be eligible to represent their school in interscholastic activities if they:
are not 19 years of age or older on or before September 1 of the current scholastic year. (See Section 446 of the
Constitution and Contest Rules for exception).
have not graduated from high school.
are enrolled by the sixth class day of the current school year or have been in attendance for fifteen calendar days
immediately preceding a varsity contest.
are full-time students in the participant high school they wish to represent.
initially enrolled in the ninth grade not more than four years ago.
are meeting academic standards required by state law.
live with their parents inside the school district attendance zone their first year of attendance. (Parent residence
applies to varsity athletic eligibility only.) When the parents do not reside inside the district attendance zone the
student could be eligible if: the student has been in continuous attendance for at least one calendar year and has not
enrolled at another school; no inducement is given to the student to attend the school (for example: students or their
parents must pay their room and board when they do not live with a relative; students driving back into the district
should pay their own transportation costs); and it is not a violation of local school or TEA policies for the student
to continue attending the school. Students placed by the Texas Youth Commission are covered under Custodial
Residence (see Section 442 of the Constitution and Contest Rules).
have observed all provisions of the Awards Rule.
have not been recruited. (Does not apply to college recruiting as permitted by rule.)
have not violated any provision of the summer camp rule. Incoming 10-12 grade students shall not attend a baseball,
basketball, football, soccer, or volleyball camp in which a seventh through twelfth grade coach from their school
district attendance zone, works with, instructs, transports or registers that student in the camp. Students who will be
in grades 7, 8, and 9 may attend one baseball, one basketball, one football, one soccer, one softball, and one volleyball
camp in which a coach from their school district attendance zone is employed, for no more than six consecutive days
each summer in each type of sports camp. Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer,Softball, and Volleyball camps
where school personnel work with their own students may be held in May, after the last day of school, June, July and
August prior to the second Monday in August. If such camps are sponsored by school district personnel, they must be
heldwithin the boundaries of the school district and the superintendent or his designee shall approve the schedule of
have observed all provisions of the Athletic Amateur Rule. Students may not accept money or other valuable
consideration (tangible or intangible property or service including anything that is usable, wearable, salable or
consumable) for participating in any athletic sport during any part of the year. Athletes shall not receive valuable
consideration for allowing their names to be used for the promotion of any product, plan or service. Students who
inadvertently violate the amateur rule by accepting valuable consideration may regain athletic eligibility by returning
the valuable consideration. If individuals return the valuable consideration within 30 days after they are informed
of the rule violation, they regain their athletic eligibility when they return it. If they fail to return it within 30 days,
they remain ineligible for one year from when they acceptedit. During the period of time from when students receive
valuable consideration until they return it, they are ineligible for varsity athletic competition in the sport in which the
violation occurred. Minimum penalty for participating in a contest while ineligible is forfeiture of the contest.
did not change schools for athletic purposes.
I understand that failure to provide accurate and truthful information on UIL forms could subject
the student in question to penalties determined by the UIL.
I have read the regulations cited above and agree to follow the rules.
____________________ ________________________________________________________________
Date Signature of student
Revised January 2016
Acknowledgement of Rules Form
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